The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Désirée torrent reviews

Mark L (ru) wrote: An Ineffective representation of Guantanamo Bay. Every aspect of this film is weak.

Kussai N (gb) wrote: Horror? I don't think so. Classic mystery film...thats all. Lame story.

lundine a (kr) wrote: movie looks interesting

Clark F (gb) wrote: Watched this film on dvd tonight and it was very good. If you have not seen this film before and are looking for a goid film to watch then there can be no better than this one. Beware though i found some the scenes in this film sad at times but still a really good film to watch

John V (fr) wrote: Don't waste your time. I quit watching it barely ten minutes in. I then decided to give it a second chance. I'm writing this near the end and despite paying little to no attention to the film I could still give you the complete run down.

wretch a (us) wrote: confusing at times watchable if you have time to kill.

Kim R (es) wrote: Fantastic, true and heartbreaking

Graeme S (br) wrote: A very satisfying piece of dystopian storytelling and an interesting vision of the future where language and territories are truly global. People of the world are ruled by genetics and those who are left behind are outcasts from society and the city. We are not far away from this vision. Considering this film was made in 2003 its premise is becoming more and more accurate each day. The production values aren't much and the cinematography could have been better but still a very watchable film.

Chance S (ag) wrote: one of Araki's worst, a step up from home videos

Nick C (jp) wrote: If you're like me and have a pathological inability to not watch terrible films, then yeah you will enjoy this, the main character is played by WWF wrestler Roddy Piper, his name in the film is SAM HELL(which is awesome) and he has to break into frogtown and take down commander Toady and impregnate loads of aesthetically pleasing women who have become love slaves to their cold blooded tormentors. Yeah I know it sounds like total shit but hey what can you do, I enjoyed it and it made me laugh.

Christopher T (jp) wrote: i personally liked the novie great times of action a moves that made you think whats going on. another great sports movie

Greg S (de) wrote: Probably more jarring had I watched this in the time period it was made. It felt so very, very 70's to me... because, well, it was. But even still, I must say: Peter Boyle was an incredibly underrated dramatic actor. This guy could be scary. Anyone who thinks his bag was comedy should definitely give Joe a gander.

Stanley K (es) wrote: Tired and rote exertion by all parties involved. Incoherent narrative interrupted by tedious and poorly choreographed action sequences whose weaknesses are accentuated by the heavy-handed scoring and sound effects intended to cover up those very flaws. Barely reminds the audience of the charm of the original.

John M (jp) wrote: "The Pack" is a French movie with a irregular story. It is very entertaining and engaging in the first half, filled with intrigue and a second segment very strange, murky, illogical and even boring.