A gunslinger is embroiled in a war with a local drug runner.

The movie follows a mysterious guitar player as he seeks vengeance against the men who murdered his girlfriend. During his quest for justice, he faces down countless deadly killers and finds time for romantic tension with a beautiful woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Desperado torrent reviews

Siwakon S (ca) wrote: It's my favorite Coen Brothers film of all time because I like the concept of religion has been recalled to the piquant.

Hesham A (de) wrote: A disjointed family ; faith-suspecting son, brilliant daughter, emotionally disturbed mother & a father with control obsession are trying to move on & pretend nothing wrong. I liked the scene when the handwriting was turning into hundredth of flowing letters

Guido S (ru) wrote: Basically a remake of Fatal Attraction, but not nearly as good. A high school swimmer with a potential scholarship ends up meeting a girl and tells her he has a girlfriend, but they still hang out. Things eventually escalate and she becomes a stalker. This film just isn't that interesting and none of the characters made any bit of an impression. It felt way to cookie cutter for me and didn't do much to hold my interest for long.

Ted W (de) wrote: what an odd piece of blaxploitation. i've never seen anything like it, even Blacula seems very normal by comparison. Super serum turns local activist into telekinetic hero. It just gets odd.

Eric B (nl) wrote: The 225-minute "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" is a legendary endurance test for film buffs, but "Je Tu Il Elle" is also quite a trial -- even though it lasts about a third as long. "Dielman" director Chantal Akerman's first feature has just three actors in the cast, including herself (her character is named Julie, so the story is not directly autobiographical). A single camera follows Julie in gritty black and white through a spell of creative and emotional frustration. At first, she idles around her apartment, obsessing over an epic letter while crudely eating powdered sugar out of a bag. This lengthy segment spans four weeks and is extremely hard to watch. The "action" becomes more bearable once she decides to hit the road. She catches a ride with a truck driver (the destination does not seem relevant), and they become more intimate along their journey. He offers a long monologue about his wife and children while Julie's hand stimulates him. Later, she ends up at the door of an ambivalent woman, who's presumably the target of the first section's troubled letter. If you've forced yourself to stick around this long, you're rewarded with a prolonged, erotic lesbian scene. Akerman's bravery about displaying her own flawed body could have influenced "Girls" creator Lena Dunham.

Iain O (us) wrote: Story line average - but an amazing piece of historical record - where else do you see B-36 and B-47s so close and in colour!

Scott R (ca) wrote: Had to see this for Preminger, Monroe and Mitchum. A good Wild West tale with river rafting, guns and Indians. The plot was almost good, but then fell short in many of the motivations. Beautiful scenery throughout.

Ben F (fr) wrote: Let me just start out this review, by saying that Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors. The way he operates with his films is simply brilliant. In his movies, he tries to capture the audience, and throw us into the movie, without corrupting the non-cliche aspects of his work. His movies aren't corny, and there not stupid. It's all about the filming with him, and I love it. "Black Hawk Down" is no different. In an age of ridiculous action war movies, Scott brings us back with a knockout of a film, which generates both sorrow and beauty. The sorrow coming from the tragic loss of soldiers, and the beauty coming from the amazing cinematography, film editing, and screenplay that his been set up for us. "Black Hawk Down" is an amazing movie. "Black Hawk Down" follows the actual events that occured in Somolia in 1993. Bill Clinton sent in troops to take out a warlord in restore peace in the country, but things got very complicated. The portrayal of this event is done perfectly in this film. For me, this film came down to two things. Acting, and cinematography. These two aspects made this movie what it is. Acting wise, everyone does a great job in this movie. The group of actors we are presented with are mostly not American, so we see a lot of people hiding there accents with southern accents, and that's okay. Orlando Bloom, Ewan Mcgregor, Eric Bana, and Jason Isaacs all attempt to hide there actual voices in this movie, and I thought that was very interesting to see. Besides Orlando Bloom, these actors all did a great job in the movie, and presented their lines well, and approached this movie with maturity and passion. Now your wondering why I said "except Orlando Bloom". Well heres why: Bloom was in literally all together 20 minutes of the film. He's only on screen a couple of times, and the monologues he gives are boring and unimportant. He was the only negative aspect about this film, but he is so miniscule in his importance, that he didn't take away any overall quality. I just thought I'd mention it. What I didn't mention though, was the performances of American actors. I'm specifically talking about Josh Hartnett, and Tom Sizemore. Hartnett did a great job in this movie. Usually, I think he's a little ridiculous, and most of the time I think he's just eye candy for women when he's on screen. He definitely proved me wrong in this movie. The perfomanes he gives is full of emotion, and he really impressed me. The monologue that he gives at the end of the film is simply brilliant, but I won't give anything away. Nobody really recognizes the performances that Tom Sizemore gives in a film. I think that he always does a great job, and he really cares about his work. In this movie, he gave an awesome performance, and did exactly what he needed to do. It was awesome. Another thing that I mentioned was really important in this movie was the cinematography. It's amazing. The shots we are presented with are all handled with great care, and there are no errors to be found. The specific lighting and contrast textures that we see are all awesome, and I love films that are made like this. It makes the film excellent, and it's really well done. But "Black Hawk Down" is more than just a movie. It's a message. Don't leave anyone behind, and help the people around you. The story that Ridley Scott told, and what we see on the screen, is literally fantastic. "Black Hawk Down" is a movie to definitely be remembered for a long time.

Kelsey M (jp) wrote: I honestly do not understand the low rating on this one. The characters are well-developed and the plot is quick-paced without being rushed. The result is a compelling story about two people forced together to fight against a unseen woman controlling their actions. Eagle Eye has a highly interesting story and is well worth a watch!