Despite the Falling Snow

Despite the Falling Snow

In Cold War Moscow, a female spy steals secrets from an idealistic politician – and falls in love with him. Moscow, 1959: Katya (Rebecca Ferguson, Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation, The Girl on the Train, The White Queen), is young, beautiful – and a spy for the Americans. When she and Mischa (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Emerald City), begin spying on Alexander ( Sam Reid, Anonymous), an idealistic Communist politician, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with him. Her choice between love and duty leads to a nail-biting conclusion that Alexander (Charles Dance, The Imitation Game) can only unravel decades later in 1990s New York. His journey back to the snowbound streets of Moscow uncovers a love triangle and betrayals from those he trusted most.

During the Cold War, a female spy steals secrets from a politician after falling in love with him. And when he unwittingly closes the net around his own wife, she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J L (us) wrote: k the actors were real good but this movie sucked. I really didnt get it like are Relationships actually like this? and if they are Why stay 2gether? I thought it was terrible. They fight over nothing at all.

Gab C (es) wrote: A really bad indian copy of Korean masterpiece OldBoy. Una muy mala copia de la obra maestra coreana OldBoy

Jamie C (br) wrote: With a strong cast I did expect more than just an average comedy with a story thats been done quite a few times, There was some nice laughs but nothing really new and a predictable tired ending doesn't help, The cast were good but I think it was just an easy paycheck for them, Not a bad comedy but it's not one of them we will remember in years to come.

Gri Z (br) wrote: Couldn't get enough of it as a kid. I can still sit down and watch it at anytime and enjoy it just as much as I did as a young'un. A true classic.

Igor A (es) wrote: the very first film for director Roman Polanski

Pablo E (fr) wrote: Hermosa pelcula de Shane Meadows, ambientada en un grupo skinhead nacionalista ingls de principios de los 80's, coincidiendo con la guerra de las Malvinas y el gobierno de Thatcher. Aborda magistralmente temas como la violencia, discriminacin, racismo, nacionalismo, entre muchos otros. Un excelente proyecto independiente que todos deben ver. 100% recomendable.

Rob P (fr) wrote: A good cast in a mediocre/medieval and nowadays sci-fi action. the story and effects are ok.