Destination Moon

Destination Moon

Postulates the first manned trip to the moon, happening in the (then) near future, and being funded by a consortium of private backers. Assorted difficulties occur and must be overcome in-flight. Attempted to be realistic, with Robert A. Heinlein providing advice.

One of the first science fiction films to attempt a high level of accurate technical detail tells the story of the first trip to the moon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amodini S (jp) wrote: On the face of it, this is the kind of saccharine sweet drama, full of those much vaunted family values, that we desis are so proud of. So yeah, if you take it as it comes, take the emotional drama in your stride, you will not walk out displeased. It is a clean film, cleanly told, and families can watch it en masse (just be a wary of Vidya(TM)s lascivious winks in the Mala zhau de? wedding number). The hero of the film Rusy, the sensitive dad of our story, is a good man, trying to live his life as an example to his son. So he insists on paying a traffic fine when he inadvertently runs a red light even though no traffic policeman is around to catch him, he is unflinchingly honest and patient and a good samaritan to boot. The son adores his dad and vice versa.Of course bad things happen to these very good people, and the contrast is between the oh-so-good-people and oh-so-wicked-world. Rusy(TM)s character is overdone " he is good, so good that essentially he is a misfit in a chalta-hai, corrupt world. When I see the overdone-ness of his character I dismiss any notions of realistic cinema " we are now in fantasyland. Then when the good, honest person has bad done to him, I(TM)m almost obligated to root for him. I say obligated because this is a fantasy anyway; rooting for this fantastical character does not move me. And that(TM)s my problem with this film " it does not move me or engage with me. Has Rusy been a believable character I might have been more involved. As it is, I resent the forced mushiness/contrived emotional drama " why can(TM)t film-makers be braver than this ? Why stick to this formulaic, predictable, cliched story-telling ?All that said, there are a few things that were done well. Rusy(TM)s dialog about setting an example for his son touched a chord. The father-son relationship between Rusy and Kayo is hard not to like inspite of melancholic Rusy " Kayo is a smiley, sunny kid with more gumption than his dad. I must commend Ritwik Sahore on his performance. Seema Bhargava as the wedding planner and Boman Irani as the elder Deboo are superb. Sharman Joshi as Rusy cuts a rather piteous figure; he smiles wide when he is happy and he smiles wide when he is sad " one heck of a repressed character. There is a more interesting film in here, and it is called Rusy ko gussa kyon aata hai?? " Mr. Chopra please make that one, I(TM)ll buy a ticket.

Austin G (ru) wrote: 30 Minutes or Less has a talented cast but they don't have much to work with sometimes.

Gimly M (us) wrote: John Doe: Vigilante is rife with the sort of problems you typically won't be able to avoid in low budget affairs, but beyond these technical issues, it's hard to fault the film too harshly. John Doe is at the absolute minimum, a thought provoking piece, and arguably a good story is presented as well.

Ana B (br) wrote: Comedy telling us the story of Marni, a successful PR that has just received a promotion. However she had a very tough time in High School as she was badly bullied by a clique of girls leaded but cold hearted JJ. Fast forward a few years and JJ is now reformed goody two shoes Joanna, a nurse that has fallen in love and intends to marry Marni's older brother Will. Marni travels back home for the wedding but will Joanna apologize to her? Is Marni ready to forgive the misery Joanna put her through all those years ago?A believable and often funny story of bullying and female rivalry, the film dissects Marni's emotional upheaval trying to reconcile her intense distrust for Joanna with the love she feels for her brother.I find it a shame that the likeliness of the story falls apart after min. 60, from then on the movie becomes stereotyped and it leads to an unbelievable and extremely cheesy finale. It is so clich that it actually makes you cringe with embarrassment. I resent it because right until then it was appealing and easy to relate to, it ends up being a far too predictable Hollywood chick flick.

Bradley L (au) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures

Bojana D (ca) wrote: A good film set in Spain in late 30s. The plot focuses on performers entertaining the Republican troops. On their way back from the front they take a wrong turn and end up in the Franco run territory and end up arrested. The film shows the sort of persecution people experienced during the Franco era, but does not lose it's sense of humor.

Jan O (de) wrote: Great tunes and provides a true glimpse of the Jamaican way of life. Great tunes and a glimpse at the true Jamaican way of life.

The Critic (jp) wrote: Consistently amusing Abbott and Costello caper with a number of effective gags.

Frances H (fr) wrote: Not a very good modern re-telling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Frederick March, Spencer Tracey and Jack Palance have nothing to worry about.

Tim S (jp) wrote: Well, what is there to say about the craptastic Starcrash that hasn't already been said? I just saw this from a ripped VHS and I'm so glad that I did. The experience was much better and it felt like a genuine discovery. This Italian Star Wars, which is how I like to think of it, is about as much fun as riding a mechanical bull. It's pretty dumb but damn is it enjoyable. The atrocious acting, the horrible dialogue, the bad costumes & props - just everything. And it's ALL a rip-off of Star Wars. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that this is much more enjoyable than the Star Wars prequels. I also kept thinking in the back of my mind while I was watching it that it had all the trappings for a porno, and it certainly looked like one. It's too bad they didn't go that route, hmm. Marjoe Gortner is hilariously bad, as is Caroline Munro. The film seems to be billed under the appearance of a young David Hasselhoff, even though he doesn't show up until halfway through the film. Caroline Munro and Joe Spinell would go on to make the horror classic Maniac a couple of years later, leaving this film in the dust. In short, Starcrash is one of the crappiest sci-fi Z movies that you're ever likely to see.

Tammy A (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie...

Marc L (mx) wrote: Le film de genre la franaise, on le sait, c'est souvent pas trs glop. Avec "La meute", on ecope pour une fois d'un produit legrement plus convaincant que la moyenne. Cte pile, la touche "Chez les chtis, on pleure deux fois : quand on arrive et quand ils vous jettent en pture leurs goules" bien servie par une Yolande Moreau en roue libre et un Benjamin Biolay convaincant dans le genre mutique, quelques elements franchement decales et de sympathiques - on se comprend - creatures mangeuses de touristes. Cte face, un scenario dont les peripeties se telescopent de faon particulirement bordelique et un facteur "action" l'electroencephalogramme plat. On est encore loin de la maitrise que possdent l'Espagne, le Japon ou mme la Norvge en la matire mais, imperceptiblement, "La meute" dispose d'une personnalite suffisamment affirmee pour qu'on puisse le considerer comme un pas dans la bonne direction.