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lukev s (ca) wrote: 1 ov the best true storys iv seen

Lori R (it) wrote: I loved it. It was irrelevant and funny!

Philip S (us) wrote: John "Ozzy" Osbourne is one of the most famous and infamous figures in the history of rock and roll. Yes, his real name actually is John, for those who don't know. He may well be the single most famous and infamous figure in rock and roll. But in the new documentary focusing on his life, "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne", fans who have come to know Ozzy the crazy lunatic on-stage get a glimpse of an entirely different person off-stage. It's an eye-opening look at a man who has seen the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, yet has still come out on top in the end.God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is first and foremost the chronicle of one of rock's most well known names. It's an expertly assembled documentary of Ozzy's meteoric rise to fame fall from grace, and climb back from the depths. That story is sandwiched with glimpses at the beginning and end of where he is now. It echoes hints of one of MTV's old shows that told audiences, "you think you know, but you have no idea". Viewers see the dichotomy of the hyped up audience and Ozzy's far calmer off-stage pre show regimen. Considering the reputation Ozzy created for himself over the course of his career, this quiet, almost introspective moment is a real shocker; as is the documentary's closing scene. But as the story goes back to Ozzy's childhood, up through his adult life one really begins to be less amazed by him, and more sympathetic towards him. Audiences see a man who grew up with nothing, and was suddenly given everything he had ever dreamed of. It's a story that's been seen before and since countless times. But learning about his childhood leads to more appreciation of everything that Ozzy has endured. Viewers learn that as a child, Ozzy suffered from dyslexia. That dyslexia led to a lot of bullying. It's insinuated that the bullying in question led to a self-esteem problem which would haunt him well into his adult life, and be the source of many of his problems. Those problems included addictions to drugs and alcohol, eventual divorce, and broken familial relationships, among so much more.What's so touching about the documentary is that it shows even through all the darker times of his life, Ozzy has persevered. He has come out on top. Learning that Ozzy's decision to clean up was a result of his own son getting cleaned up made for a kind of Superman moment, what with the son becoming the father, and vice versa. The moment eventually brings everything full circle back to where the documentary began, with Ozzy in his dressing room prepping for his show. He closes out his regimen with what is arguably the most powerful moment of the entire documentary. that moment won't be given away. But there's no denying that it shows fans a side of Ozzy that few, if any, would have ever imagined.God Bless Ozzy Osbourne does an excellent job of dispelling the reputation that Ozzy created for gimself over his career. It shows him both as a mega-superstar and as a very private, fragile personality that has endured the best and worst in life. It's a reminder that just because someone is seen as a celebrity, that celebrity is still a person, just like anyone else. Even Ozzy isn't perfect. And if he has come through as much as he has, anyone else can, too, celebrity or not.

Maciek b (jp) wrote: Good piece of pop-history on the screen. Unfortunately, I cannot estimate its historical value (as I'm not from Hungary), but it sure is a nice melodramatic film with 1956 Hungarian Revolution background. The scene with memorable bloody Hungary-USSR water polo match is brilliant. I wish I could see similar film about 1956 in Poland.

bill s (ag) wrote: I have seen more pointless horror movies,not many but one or two more.

Gii B (us) wrote: ??Clubland?? or ??Introducing The Dwights?? (depending what country you live in) stars Brenda Blethyn as an aging English entertainer (Jean) living in the suburbs of Sydney with her two sons, Tim and Mark. Struggling to come to terms with the fact life may have passed her by its her son Tim who becomes the barer for all of Jeans shortfalls and he must find the strength to keep the family above water. All goes along smoothly till Tim meets Jill and soon Jean has a nasty taste in her mouth at the thought of Tim needing another woman in his life. This little film was a pleasure to watch. Written by Brenda herself along with help from Jo Brand lending a hand for the stand up routines that Brenda??s character delivers in the working men??s clubs. Brenda as always gives us a great performance - I just love watching her act. This character was somewhere in-between Cynthia from Secrets & Lies and Mari in Little Voice. The rest of the cast gave fine performances and there were a few laugh out loud moments - sometimes when there weren??t meant to be! I don??t know how this little film slipped past my eyes when it was released but I??m certainly glad I got a chance to see it now.

Leonardo M (mx) wrote: Dios reprenda!! que nervios!!! me encanto!!!!!!

Lily U (us) wrote: Cute chick flick I liked it

Aj V (us) wrote: I loved this light romantic comedy, Connelly is beautiful and charming and cute, and it's funny, what's not to like?

Jason C (au) wrote: Tremendous late eighties horror. Don't be fooled by it's low budget. Very interesting and intelligent reworking of slasher cliches.

Harsh C (mx) wrote: Yes there is such a thing as bad spaghetti schlock. Here it is.

Jarrod S (mx) wrote: in character development, and kind of serves as an opposite to The Best Years of Our Lives. This film details life before WWII, where The Best Years of our Lives details life after WWII.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Offbeat love-story (?) with cute but dated portrayals of mental issues. Some of the dialogue is a bit grating, which is likely it's intention, but the performances are sincere and at times compelling. Compared to psychodrama of it's era it's ahead of it's time, with more focus on nuances than the atypical hysteria of those who are less-than-stable which it's contemporaries seem to dote on inexorably. This being said, there was a slight balance issue with David being slightly too tumultuous and the doctor lacking any gravitas whatsoever. Despite this apparent lack of parity the film still moves on with very clean, crisp cinematography and no shortage of substance. Worth a watch.

Russell G (us) wrote: Scotts on a mission of vengeance but nothing is as it seems in this western that plays like a noir. Plays like a mystery, the plot is pitch black in tone and the ambiguity of the characters makes this one fly by.

Devon L (fr) wrote: One of the standout horror movies of the 1980s. A true horror classic.

James E (fr) wrote: 2nd best movie ive seen

Charlie M (us) wrote: Former secret agent has a memory chip and goes to Mars to find his true identity in this sci fi classic.