Western remake of "Destry Rides Again", starring Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, Thomas Mitchell, Lori Nelson and Lyle Bettger.

In the old West, a small frontier town is being controlled by ruthless mob boss Decker and his cronies. After the local sheriff dies under mysterious circumstances, Decker arranges to have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Destry torrent reviews

Michael S (it) wrote: Realmente no era lo q esperaba

Branden A (fr) wrote: What a huge disappointment!

Zahid C (ru) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 26 Jun 2011Time: 8.30 pmWith: No oneOn: Laptop

Jorge B (kr) wrote: Great! it details the work of the bravest men in the world.

Shawn W (au) wrote: dont be fooled by its festival wins this film aint that great.

Valencia D (ca) wrote: i ain't so sure about this. a weird storyline though.

Al K (mx) wrote: The first 1/2-3/4 of this movie was good and funny, but the last bit was very hypocritical. [SPOILER ALERT:] David tried to kill Shaun, but then everybody risked their lives to save David... what? I did not like how they pretty much killed off everybody.

Ajai K (it) wrote: The End of Evangelion finally provides a coherent ending/finale -- maybe not so in general but yeah much clearer than the the ones in the original anime. But i'm not taking anything out of the original finale, it is indeed a clever examination of the characters and their psyche. This one shows the apocalyptic visions of Anno unfolding and the several loopholes and secrets that were puzzling the fans from the original anime being revealed. Therefore the entire movie plays out with all hell breaking loose. There are huge explosions with SEELE initiating the operation to totally take over NERV, where we are shown hand to hand combat sequences as well as mecha fights involving Unit-002 and the several hastily built other Evas. It is captivating at the same time spectacular. There are well-though out endings to the characters, though some of them are less fulfilling. Evangelion escalates into a massive struggle, but this the end result seems predeterined and inevitable but there is always Shinji there to save the day. He is seen answering and contemplating a lot of profound questions regarding his mental states as well as those which will determine the future of mankind as abstract images are super-imposed over one another to create a collage and surreal effect.It end very ambiguously but nevertheless it did it succeed in it's primary goal, i.e. to culminate the seires and to fill our all the loopholes and unanswered questions that had arosen in Neon Genesis.

Private U (ca) wrote: Michael Mfume's career masterpiece. Put simply, this film has it all. An all-star cast, great twisting plot, breathtaking special effects and makeup, and smart editing. It's a thrill ride from the start to the cliffhanger end! A must see.

Benjamin P (it) wrote: It's not a perfect film, far from it. But it's still a good enjoyable film and has its great moments of terror.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Faceless, topless, tasteless... In Franco-world, Less means MORE--Ultra gory later day Franco!!

Jrmie A (gb) wrote: Kurosawa's best work.

Flavia V (es) wrote: Its for me by far the worst film of Billy Wilder. The manuscript resumes in the a honest loveful man, in age to marry & create a family, who find the right girl. This girls unfortnatuanallyis a well carreer prostitute. She in open & direct manner tells him that she would ever give up of her profissional status. In answer the guy works all day long in a job & travested himself in the night as a custumer & keep all night wake to suport her financely. Get another girl. In the 50s was that important to have a increadeble love gesture in plot. The only thing which saves the time is the characther in the skin of Shirley McClaine with the 60's vamp style.