In a palace of Paris. Two detectives are investigating a two-year-old murder. Emile and Francoise Chenal are putting pressure on Jim Fox Warner, a boxing manager, who owes them a huge ...

In a palace of Paris. Two detectives are investigating a two-year-old murder. Emile and Francoise Chenal are putting pressure on Jim Fox Warner, a boxing manager, who owes them a huge ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig P (nl) wrote: Typical campy humor from this series...acting was so so and had a few funny moments but otherwise predictable yawner....

Zbigniew Z (kr) wrote: I was very impressed.

Lee M (nl) wrote: There's little in Billy Shebar's script, the rambling direction by theater and opera helmer Chen Shi-Zheng - or Liu Ye's impassive performance as the student.

Kase V (ag) wrote: Looking back, Wes Anderson's 'Rushmore' is full of some kind of youthful exuberance that is lost in his later films. It's not as tightly wound as any other Anderson film (except Bottle Rocket), but that's not a point of detriment. All of the characters are grappling with loss, yet their melancholy is hidden under a thin veneer of dry comedy, delivered perfectly by Schwartzman and Murray. It's a wonderful film that appeals to the eccentric youth in all of us.

Sean L (nl) wrote: Ian McKellan is a Nazi war criminal hiding long-term in suburban America. Four decades after the war, a bright high school student with a fascination about WWII marks him on a bus ride and the two embark on a lengthy game of one-upsmanship. Oddly, the kid seems the more villainous of the two, though McKellan is himself far from heroic. I can't shake the sense that the concept was more daring than the film in this case. Featuring a Nazi in a decidedly grey light is a different take, for sure, but I felt like the filmmakers were always too afraid to go anywhere truly risqu with that material, and the core relationship between the two leads is toothless and pantomimed. Maybe that can be primarily chalked up to acting - Brad Renfro, who plays the kid, is positively grating in the role - but even removing that from the equation doesn't completely settle my stomach. It's a film that dances and loiters, but rarely has much to say of genuine power or meaning; wannabe edgy, using the taboo of an old war uniform to mask a serious lack of substance. Even the big reveal at the end, when everything comes apart at the seams, is hollow, telegraphed and half an hour behind schedule.

Robert S (gb) wrote: Great Characters, great setting... Love this movie and see it every chance I get... Use of local "celebrities" was ingenius and added credibility to this quirky movie... Tichiganblues

Eric N (au) wrote: Wicked flick....think Lord of the Flies starring a pissed off Ray Liotta. Cool premise & plot, great acting. One of the most bad-ass movies of the 90s!

Troy M (ru) wrote: Vile, bad acting, very low budget, poor script, animal cruelty (murder of a rabbit on film), controversial, male and female nudity, male full frontal, sexual situations, unique and somewhat humorous music selection, trying to sell a movie based on the shock factor alone. Not worth watching.

Russell S (de) wrote: Perhaps the purest bond film of all despite it's silly throwaway pre-title sequence.

Jason C (it) wrote: Now that is a well composed film!

Bonnie S (au) wrote: I loved this rendition of one of my favorite plays. David Tennant was incredible, the costumes were awesome and the set design was intriguing.

Millo T (nl) wrote: "You owe me twenty minutes. Can you give me my twenty minutes back?".

Michele M (jp) wrote: This movie is horrible. I walked out in 15minutes. This movie just seems so dated and ridiculous.

King K (de) wrote: Thought this movie was great, then about a year later I got a job at a restaurant. This movie sums up working at any restaurant, of course without the health code problems. Luckily, not ALL restaurants are this gross. You'll appreciate you're waiter once you see this.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: I really liked this movie. I what I loved most about this movie is the soundtrack and the lighting. I thought that was amazing and made this movie really unique. Like your watching an 80's flick. Though, I also disliked some of the aspects from the movie such as the randomness and the plot. That's my two main issues of the movie. The plot was kind of sloppy. In addition to the acting as well. Overall I thought that this was an enjoyable movie that will most likely make audiences love it or hate it.