Detective School Dropouts

Detective School Dropouts

Two bumbling private detectives get themselves hired to find a missing person. They find themselves in the middle of a mob war when it turns out that the missing person is somebody the mob wants to stay missing.

Two bumbling private detectives get themselves hired to find a missing person. They find themselves in the middle of a mob war when it turns out that the missing person is somebody the mob wants to stay missing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol A (ag) wrote: I believe this doc is important, but I'm not going to lie... it almost put me to sleep. Watch it only if you're in the mood for a thorough look at how our government needs secrecy... but shouldn't abuse core constitutional rights in the process of maintaining it.

Muffin M (de) wrote: For teenager Les Anderson (Corey Haim), the two most important things in life are getting his driver's license and getting together with the hottest girl in high school (Heather Graham). But when Les fails the exam, he 'borrows' the family's prized 1973 Cadillac for his big date. An innocent girl. A harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong? Try a fearless best friend (Corey Feldman) with an insane plan, a high school hottie with too much to drink, angry drag racers, crazed militants, a police roadblock, a crash course in car theft, a very angry father (Richard Masur), a very, very pregnant mother (Carol Kane) and much more!also stars Michael Manasseri , Harvey Miller, M.A. Nickles, James Avery, Parley Baer, Michael Ensign, Grant Goodeve, Helen Hanft, Grant Heslov, Nina Siemaszko and Christopher Burton.directed by Greg Beeman

Naomi G (us) wrote: The only thing this remake has in common with the original is a sharp critique of an imaginary world that is meant to be a critique of our own. Other than that the story deviates sharply from the original. Whereas the original centered around the game of Rollerball itself, and staying in that game, the characters in this film are more interested in getting away from the game. In the original, Caan was morally oblivious to the fact that he was involved in sanctioned mass murder, not so the heroes of the Rollerball reincarnation. They are fully aware of the repercussions of their actions, yet their reason for involvement in the game in the first place is not soundly proved.One element extracted form the original into the remake is to make the fast paced action of the game scenes in the original the norm for the whole of the remake. The performance of the actresses and actors in the film are obscured by the swirling sequence of actions so their relative inabilities become masked and not detrimental to the film as a whole.

Kevin P (kr) wrote: Franesco Rosi is the different kind of political filmmaker here. Most focus on cultural stories with a political emphasis, but Hands Over the City peers into the beaucratic make shift of an Italian city. The film starts out with a building collapsing and people dying. It goes on to focus on the city planner's reaction to the collapse. He doesn't try to correct the situation. Instead he tries to swindle deals to keep other building projects around the city going. The collapsed building was an example of the city's future "housing projects." The story doesn't focus on the dramatics that would exemplify right and wrong, but instead focuses on the grasp of the city planner's beaurcratic powers with politicians and businessman. Rod Steiger plays the city planner, a notorious character to all in the film, but the greater evil in the film by the end is all the politicians and businessmen involved. The film doesn't make any detail fantastic. Every detail is level headed and focused on structures of city government. Many filmmakers were making excellent political films at this time, but none with such dedication and vision as Rosi. An underappreciated master.

Alex K (au) wrote: Hard to see why everybody hates this movie. It's musical score alone is fantastic. Karloffs performance as the campy generic mad scientist is a landmark achievement in his career. His ideas about brain transferring and switching may not be completely grounded, but with all the Universal Classics of yore, suspension of disbelief is a must. And the love triangle between Chaney's tragic Wolf Man, Nash's tragic Hunchback, and the naive gypsy girl is quite entertaining. Probably the best amalgam of monsters ever seen on the silver screen.