Détruire dit-elle

Détruire dit-elle


In a secluded hotel circumscribed by a dense forest Max and Alissa Thor meet Stein and Elisabeth. Max, a professor of future history and an aspiring author, is immediately attracted to the brooding wife of industrialist Bernard Alione, Elisabeth, who is recovering from a miscarriage. Stein, a German Jew and potential writer, is infatuated by Alissa, Max's young wife and former student. During their sojourn the guests' identities gradually meld. While playing cards, for example, each guest anticipates the others' observations. Although her friends remain at the resort, the insecure Elisabeth leaves upon the arrival of her worldly husband. (TCM.com) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (mx) wrote: This is by far one of the most painfully low budget sci-fi films in recent memory. That being said...this kind of bad actually made the movie better! This is still awful by today's standards, but it was very reminiscent of the 80's style, and I appreciated that aspect.

sachin20 r (au) wrote: i am going to see it tonight

Amelia T (jp) wrote: Not quite as magical or fun as the first one, & a bit less believable. Still good fun, but basically the same underlying storyline.

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