• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Détruisez-vous 1969 full movies, Détruisez-vous torrents movie

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Détruisez-vous torrent reviews

David D (ru) wrote: A creepy Psychological/supernatural thriller with an interesting twist at the end. Not entirely unpredictable and a bit slow moving at the beginning. But it becomes increasingly involving as it goes along.

Rachel M (ru) wrote: i used to enjoy watching "sister, sister's." i like the sisters' loving care. i'm not a big fan of halloween but it made me to think about halloween can be fun and it is so grateful to have sisters in my life. i miss my sisters. :)

Phillip G (de) wrote: debut of one of the best directors of american cinema. A must see, specially if you think that Brokeback Mountain was the first gay western (this movie is from 1949)

Russ V (ca) wrote: As a longtime fan of Corner Gas, I can gladly say that I loved this movie. At times near the beginning, the movie felt like it was going to be a bit cheesy, but that only ended up adding to the charm as the movie is consistently hilarious and about as wild as a Corner Gas movie could possible be. I was also surprised at how much heart the movie had, and as expected/hoped for the movie had a ton of references to the TV show (most of which would likely fly over the heads of newcomers) as well as references to other movies/TV shows (Roadhouse & Family Guy to name a couple). As a hardcore fan who has always hoped and dreamed for a chance to return to Dog River, I am very satisfied with this welcome addition to the world of Corner Gas.

Stephen T (ag) wrote: Tape 10's finest moment...

Squall C (it) wrote: Ahead it its time in terms of comedy and scope. Amazing movie from start to finish.

Francisco L (kr) wrote: Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf its a complex movie that let us a lot of things to think about it and a lot of material to assimilate, and because of this confusing plot where the spectator doesn't know if are be telling the truth or not, the big revelation at the end could not be received. However this movie has to be watched with very attention, because after we watch it it let us the sensation that we finished to watch at 2 hours of argument between the couple, but behind that argument there are a lot of outstanding performanes expecially by Elizabeth Taylor that turned this story very credible, what she just did no one actress of that epoch could have done, she doesn't just interpreted Martha, she dressed Martha's skin and became her. The athmosphere is very well portrayed, all the cast was impeccable all the time, making this, with no doubts, one of the more well acted movies ever, and we have to thank these actors, because they made the movie better than it should be, they made us ask ourselves if the movie is just fiction or if its something real, and that is something very important. The story is very original and the cast make her interesting with their perfect drunk people performances, and with a help of clever dialogues and arguments between the characters, and that unexpected end, this movie could be considered a masterpiece, but I'm afraid that some spectators could not understand the final act because of its confusing plot where don't let us perceive if what they are saying is the truth or not.