DEBT is the story of a frantic pursuit: the search for the responsible for the televised cry of hunger of Barbara Flores, an eight-year-old Argentinean girl. Buenos Aires, Washington, the IMF, the World Bank and Davos; corruption and the international bureaucratic lack of interest.

DEBT is the story of a frantic pursuit: the search for the responsible for the televised cry of hunger of Barbara Flores, an eight-year-old Argentinean girl. Buenos Aires, Washington, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simona (gb) wrote: Boring poster, but the plot intrigues me.

Eliabeth M (mx) wrote: Excellant for what it is. Chloe Sevigny plays an androgynous to butch character in a duet with Michelle Williams that is both sweet and sizzling. Vanessa Redgrave is illustrious as ever grieving for her long time companion who was also great. Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone were quite ordinary but that was the point. This movie is nicely done in a series of three vignettes. Good stuff.

Tyler S (br) wrote: Somewhat decent movie. The acting really stinks here. It's kind of spooky and leaves somewhat of an effect but the acting and execution of the plot is too poor to make this a good movie. The effects and action sequences make up for that in this satanistic doomsday thriller.

Harry W (us) wrote: Considered a classic 1980's high school movie, My Bodyguard caught my attention as the first major role for Adam Baldwin.My Bodyguard is a film I find myself comparing to Three O'Clock High as both films are packed with 1980's tropes and deal with the concept of going up against a high school bully. My Bodyguard is widely considered to be of superior quality. My feeling is quite the opposite. Three O'Clock High had some serious themes to it, but the brisk pace and intentionally cheesy mood of the experience made it more of a gun experience. My Bodyguard decided to take itself seriously, but it did it in the most wrong way.The atmosphere in My Bodyguard is the most essential fault into the feature. The subject matter in the film has a very edgy nature to it since it deals with the legitimate concept of bullying, but it is too trapped in its 80's roots to find anything sensible to do with it. The film refuses to embrace the cheesy conventions of an 80's high school film but also neglects the notion of taking a serious approach to its subject matter. As a result, My Bodyguard is an awkward attempt at a character study relying on characters more than subject matter yet neglecting the need to develop the characters enough to justify it. With such a low budget, Tony Bill does not have the backing to actively explore anything in the film and instead decides to play it safe by creating an overly lighthearted feature which feels more comedic than anything. And yet even though the film feels like a cheesy 80's comedy with its thin script, the film isn't funny. I don't get what tone the film was trying to establish because the subject matter of the story includes bullying and bereavement, and yet it spends so little time dealing with this. Instead, the film is just a cheesy tale of friendship between unlikely companions with a ridiculously light nature about it. And although Dave Grusin's musical score is nicely composed, it is the most obvious thing reinforcing the light nature of the atmosphere.The film essentially chronicles the developing friendship between Clifford Peache and Ricky Linderman against the backdrop of a bullying related story while pretending that there is actively anything meaningful to take away from the film. The only message I found in My Bodyguard was that you shouldn't judge people without getting to know them, but I've had this message drilled into my head by countless people, primary school classes and superior films. I go to school to learn that kind of sentimentality, I go to movies to be entertained. In the case of My Bodyguard, I was not entertained. The tonal inconsistency was made all the more worse by the fact that the low-budget nature of the film ensures that it has no money to spend on anything. This means that it has to milk its thin script for all it can, stretching an episode of a 1970's sitcom into feature length through extensive periods of nothing but talking. Even with all the talking that goes on, My Bodyguard is full of nothing but underdeveloped characters. When the musical score and cheesy plot elements are not turning My Bodyguard into an unfunny comedy, they are just dragging the film on with a blank atmosphere that has literally no feeling to it. For the entire time in My Bodyguard, either I was feeling nothing or questioning why My Bodyguard insisted on pretending there was anything funny about a film where the titular character is responsible for killing his own brother.All this leaves the experience dull and lifeless, and the cast are essentially left to follow the same meandering path.Chris Makepeace is a forgettable lead in My Bodyguard. In the first leading role of his career, Chris Makepeace keeps in tune with the lifeless nature of the entire film around him and brings nothing charming or charismatic to his character. Although he should have the appeal of being the one character to take a stand against a bully on either a serious level or in the context of being an 80's movie archetype, he is just a lifeless and thinly sketched protagonist among a crowd of far more notable supporting archetypes. I don't blame the actor too much because he is just a child star in a film which should have challenged him and audiences more, but there is just no memorable charm that Chris Makepeace has to boast about.But I will admit that Adam Baldwin is the standout of the cast. He has the most interesting character to the story as a misunderstood boy with a brute stature. Perceived and characterized by the other characters as a criminal, Ricky Linderman is actually just an emotionally damaged and misunderstood boy. Adam Baldwin's performance doesn't require too much engagement as the character is actually just an everyman, and although the blank atmosphere of the film may oversimplify him to the point where he is just another underdeveloped character, Ricky Linderman benefits from having Adam Baldwin in the role. His simple stature alone is a good fit for the part, but so is his ability to instinctively deliver lines with a subtle gritty nature to them which leaves implications of intimidation. As the story progresses and this breaks down, we see a more likable side to the character and find Adam Baldwin able to work with some really dramatic moments. They are sporadic, but they work. Adam Baldwin's debut in My Bodyguard proves to be an effective justification for the existence of the film even if the material around him is lack in adequate sufficiency.Matt Dillon's natural persona has its appeal to me as a fan of his and the many films he did in the 80's, and Ruth Gordon at least has a sense of humour about herself even though she is a strange comedic stereotype who just detracts from the focus of the story whenever she is around. But both actors are stuck with thin character archetypes, and the rest of the cast do not carry the personal gimmicks that come with these actors to sustain anything. The only one who stood out was Paul Quandt, and that was for playing a repetitively annoying wimp.So My Bodyguard is a lifelessly slow story with an overly familiar message and a massive incosistence in tone, ensuring that it does not have the grit to embrace its edgy premise or a sense of humour to actively embrace its overtly 80's nature.

Mike C (ca) wrote: Very good aerial WWII movie with lots of good actual footage almost but not quite an anti-war movie if you think about it.

Soka R (nl) wrote: If you can get over the whole "gangster life" act that those kids have, you will find an enjoyable and entertaining monster movie.

Amanda B (au) wrote: Weisz is easily in my top 10 list of current actors. While her films often disappoint me, her acting never does.

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Maggie Gyllenhaal meets her perfect match as a selfish, drug-addicted, sex-starved ho. Who would've thunk it?

Michael S (mx) wrote: Another brief, dreamlike encounter with dread and the macabre from producer Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur, this is even more spellbinding than their previous masterwork 'Cat People'. In its brief running time we are treated to more atmosphere and imaginative imagery than we are used to in even the most bombastic of today's mainstream horror shows. And to make things even better, we are treated as adults, to use our sophisticated imaginations to fill in the gaps of this mysterious tale of voodoo and family secrets. A heavy pall of historical sadness adds filigree to the proceedings and adds an emotional weight otherwise missing from horror films of the time.