The manager of a contemporary music composer falls in love with the real estate agent with whom he is looking for a house in Paris. But both have been used to living an independent life: they want to marry but at the same time, are afraid of marriage

The manager of a contemporary music composer falls in love with the real estate agent with whom he is looking for a house in Paris. But both have been used to living an independent life: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (de) wrote: Better than Sharknado, just insanely fun, funny and cheesey with some of the most hilariously creative horror deaths in any B-movie.

Andreas M (au) wrote: The only answer is yes.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Why did George Clooney make this as a movie instead of as a six-part mini-series? There are too many stories and too many characters to fit neatly into a two hour movie. Each one of those sub-plots warranted a better treatment. And the movie is heavy-handed: it lacks dramatic tension, is choppy between the vignettes, and is over-laden with political-emotional messages.

Matt S (nl) wrote: An gritty, intense, psychological/thriller that was harsh and surprisingly not that bad at all. I thought the filming was beautifully raw and atmospheric and is the film's best quality. The acting wasn't amazing but it wasn't half bad either and was naturalistic, the serial killer in it definitely sent shivers down my spine. The ending was pretty haunting and was nailbiting and was pretty bloody but a little rushed, though I didn't mind it much because the first half was a pretty slow build up and to me it just didn't have a strong enough story or script. Overall I still recommend you to give it a chance if you happen to stumble upon it because it actually is pretty decent considering its flaws. Not a must see though.

Rose G (it) wrote: This was really good I think I liked it better than any of the other ones

Brian C (gb) wrote: Techniques rather than images are relied to make this film unique, as while better than Powaqqatsi in terms of a more engaging soundtrack, Naqoyqatsi lacks the spell binding power of the original and is only mildly stimulating.

StorytellerShannon M (gb) wrote: Based on the true story of an uprising in one of the Polish death camps in which over 300 prisoners escaped during WWII. Leon Feldhendler(played by Alan Arkin), the Jewish leader of the camp, is trying to figure out how to get everybody out of the camp (rather than just a few) when Russian Jewish soldiers are brought to the camp. He makes an alliance with their leader, Alexander Pechersky (played by Rutger Hauer), and what transpires is a gritty means of escape that puts The Great Escape? to shame. Joanna Pacula stars as Luca, the pretty love interest, who might be best known to Americans as the love interest of Doc Holliday in Tombstone?.The tale is gruesome and horrifying (even by 1980s standards) but there's enough determination and hope that you don't get depressed to the point where you want to give up and turn the DVD off. Alan Arkin is close to superb as the Jewish leader who points out the obvious futility in trying just any means of escape and waiting for the opportune moment where just not a few but all of the camp can get out. As to be expected it isn't a cake walk and of course there are surprises but it's well developed and does an admirable job (unlike many other films) of trying to stay true to what really happened at Sobibor.Life of the characters are revealed at the end. Over 1.25M Jews were killed in this death camp. Close to 300 prisoners escaped. Something that would never happen in another death camp during WWII. Shortly after the escape the camp was pulled down and grown over in the hopes that nobody would remember it. Based on a novel of a similar title by Richard Rashke. Camp survivor Thomas Blatt served as a technical consultant. Trivia below. After watching this again I need to compare it to the oh so mighty Schindler's List?. Some have complained of the DVD quality but I don't feel that should factor into the grade of this fine film. This is graded from a 1980s standard when technology was less sophisticated.STORY/PLOTTING/EDITING: B plus to A minus; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B plus to A minus; CINEMATOGRAPHY: B plus; TONE/HOLOCAUST FOCUSES: A minus to A;OVERALL GRADE: A minus; WHEN WATCHED: 2002 (third viewing and review in early July 2012).TRIVIA/SOME SPOILERS: there were two other uprisings at Auschwitz and Treblinka. In actuality 300 did escape but most of them were recovered. Only a fraction of them evaded their pursuers. Roughly 50. Hauer's character truly did plan the revolt with a few others and was not recaptured historically. German SS were actually assassinated to confuse the rest of the guards. According to one person interviewed on the History channel (who had been at the camp) people truly did run over the corpses of the fallen to avoid setting off mines.MORE SPOILERS: the desperate run through the minefield as they were being shot at was one of the most memorable moments. Creepy when the SS played classical music to make the new Jewish prisoners feel they were in something other than a death camp. Nice scene where the SS guy trying his boots out spotted the axe and moved away in time. Not all of them could be clueless idiots around people who clearly hated them. Believable assassinations performed by mostly normal people who were not experienced in such matters.

Bivo M (ca) wrote: Hey, it's another 80s teen movie with a confusing non-message about class struggle and stuff. In a cockroach and crime-ridden LA neighborhood (a.k.a. Tuff Turf), James Spader and a Robert Downey Jr. sidekick fight for the right to be cool. What's not to love? Spader wins over the hottest girl in school in the process. We learn that the heroes of this movie want nothing more than to have really, really long hair, dance, and party with creepy white lounge singers who thrust vigorously into their saxophones. We also learn that there's a fine line between fighting and dancing--especially when new wave meets white trash meets a Hollywood teenage gang. Tagline: Spray can vs. knife vs. car vs. bike vs. gun vs. Spader kick vs. dance!

Brandon S (mx) wrote: One of the most beautifully directed action movies I've ever seen. Brilliantly orchestrated action sequences, serviceable performances, and a great score. I really love the performances in this movie, not because they're all that great, but because every actor in this movie is having a great time. Everyone in this movie is completely self-aware about the type of movie they're in.

Alex D (au) wrote: I saw this on TV on afternoon in the early 80s and immediately enjoyed it. As mentioned by other reviewers it could be seen as one of the first environmental movies and must have been very topical when made as atmospheric H-bomb tests were still going on. Despite being shot on a middling budget the film is more atmospheric than a lot of Hollywood blockbusters and the use of the old Daily Express building in Fleet Street adds a touch of nostalgia for the days of hot metal. It is a bit ironic in these days of global warming that the film shows Britain suffering from tropical conditions. Oh, and Michael Caine (God Bless you sir) turns up in a cameo role as a policeman.

Jason S (us) wrote: More stupid than funny

Lorena M (gb) wrote: -10?? worst movie ever. Don't waste your money.