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The film's title, which literally translates as Twice and is sometimes translated into English as Twice Upon a Time, refers to the occasional repetition of scenes or actions. Raynal stars in the film, her first as a director; she had previously worked for several years as a film editor, most notably for films in √Čric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" series (she was, reportedly, the youngest professional editor in France at the time). Deux fois is a 1968 experimental film by Jackie Raynal

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Alex V (mx)

. . Superbe russite du western italien ! Aventures, humour et un grand Tomas "Cuchillo" Milian en Mxicain zapatiste ! Connu en France sous le titre "Saludos Hombre"

Ed C (kr)

On the whole, this was a muddled piece of nonsense. On the other hand, the sequencing of current time versus endless flashbacks was poor. Screenplay: 4/10 The rotten non-teenagers do get good and dead. The extras were uniformly terrible. I think real teenagers could do a better job than this crew of non-actors. Augie Duke looked about 40 in a closeup; searching on the net suggested she's 27. Those may be their stated ages, but they look even older. Amanda Alch (23), Mark Donato (24), Roger Edwards (32), and Ali Faulkner (over 22, probably by a lot) were the actors for whom I could find ages. You'd think actors in their twenties could do better jobs at playing teenagers. Judd Nelson might as well have phoned in his performance. Acting: 0/10 Bad, except for Ben Browder. The incompetence extends into the credits. Ridiculously bad. To hear the conversations, I have to crank up to 50; to avoid blowing out my ears while the useless, irritating 'music' is on, I need to drop it down to 10. The rotten music was set down much louder than the conversational tracks. Whoever mixed the sound did a bad job. Sound: 2/10 Unforgivable. -------Scores------- Cinematography: 7/10 OK, but little was done to disguise the bad casting. Max explains what really happened, knowing Matt will never be able to credibly repeat it. The cops immediately taser him, then muzzle him. In a last reversal of expectations, only Matt is left standing, and the cops pick that instant to enter the detention room. Day, or so she thought. She was in alliance with Dr. Someone kills Veronica with a shard of glass, only it was a fake out. Tricia assaults Matt Clark with a nail gun, but does not kill him. Nice. After firing bullets at the bookcases to soothe his conscience, Craig Cook gets a nice piece of steel through his thorax. Even good old expulsion comes to mind. The adults are clueless; why don't they pull the plug on the bad behavior? Why not have the perpetrators arrested? Turn off the electricity to the sound system at events? There are ways to assert control non-violently. They end up in round upon round of recriminations against one another, anti-enforced by flashbacks. They try to escape; they try to explain the recurrence of large roaches. Megan dies first from the inability to find her ventilator while under the stress of a seance. That's what I call successful writing. Within twenty minutes I was ready for all these useless bastards to be slaughtered. Day locks them in, but not before Veronica poisons him (ongoing vomiting, perhaps not death). Dr. The film starts with the beginning of an eight-hour detention for six very entitled scumbag teenagers. ------------------------------------ Crestview Academy is a private school for upper crust brats. One sentence summary: I still like Ben Browder, but hope never to see the other actors again

Fabio G (jp)

All the elements flow harmonically. Impossible to put into words the dream-like environment. Beautiful, fun and bizarre

Haytham K (fr)

trange that this gem of a movie is totally overlooked and forgotten! It's a GREAT MOVIE!. Didn't know anything about this film before watching it but "God's little acre" was a pleasant surprise

Ian C (br)

An average story is turned into an unbelievable flick due to the direction of Schrader, Nick Nolte in his finest role as the small town sheriff on the edge and an oscar winning James Coburn as his sadistic father

Jeffrey H (ca)

Good film. A little bit over patriotic at points but it's something that's quite common with Wahlberg movies so you take it on the chin. Good account of what took place

Maggie G (mx)

1 of my FAVORITE movies!

Michael L (fr)

There's some other stuff there too, but you can ignore it. Nice tunes

Simon T (fr)

The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is one of the graetest movies of all time. A great and powerful movie