Devara Aata

Devara Aata


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
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Devara Aata torrent reviews

Santosh N (ca) wrote: Foot tapping songs loosely held together by something vaguely resembling a story.

Justin R (us) wrote: My favorite genre is easily comedy, however, The Queen is one of my favorite four movies of all time. The performance by Helen Mirren is incredible, I cannot tell you how much this movie impacted me. After watching it, it gives you goosebumps the rest of the night. It was astonishing.

Victor V (us) wrote: its cool accept the cao cao always feels like wanted to kill his own people but he just didn't ! fuck him with his bulldog face

Robert H (au) wrote: Above average direct to video afair that's not quite horror nor scifi. Has enough going for it to be enjoyable and the acting is for the most part pretty decent. Worth a rental if you're looking for something different. The technology involved in the film doesn't seem to far fetched considering what we can already do. If someone wanted to spend the time developing it, I'm sure they might have a gold mine on their hands.

Eric R (ca) wrote: it tried too hard to be something it wasn't.. acting was off and pretty faces don't make up for the lack of a rational plot. Plus its never good to condone an affair, work through your issues with your partner... if you can't. then move on. Its so simple yet all too often the hurtful way is chosen. I don't feel for either of the leads because of this. The writer chose to set up the partner who left for a week as an ass, just to make the affair more palatable... no thanks.

Timm S (ru) wrote: I Found Myself Laughing More Often Then Not With A Short & Easy Jokes, Nothing Too Serious..Does The Job Nicely Enough.

Steven B (gb) wrote: Nice, simple low budget film about an alien invasion. The CGI was primitive, but other than that, it's an excellent little thriller.

Aaron M (es) wrote: An absolutely classic and its aged pretty well too. Still one of the most charming and cutest of Disney movies.

Jaime D (ru) wrote: Very nice piece of improv acting... feels a bit like a student film makera graduation project but none the less has some really brilliant moments... certainly Jim Jarmush who appears in the film seems to have leaned heavily on the experience when making his 2003 picture coffee and cigerrettes

Tavis B (fr) wrote: So slow that at times, I thought it was moving backwards.

Richard D (nl) wrote: Yankel, a Jewish immigrant from Russia living in late 19th century New York, brings his wife (Carol Kane) and child over from Russia. Yankel has assimilated (he calls himself "Jake") and his family's old world appearance and demeanor embarrass him. He's much more interested in the owner of a dance studio who's much more American than his wife. Joan Micklin Silver's feature film debut is a nice little film. Shot in black and white and on an obviously low budget, it may not completely convincingly capture it's period setting, but it does an admirable job, and the human drama is mildly compelling.

Eric S (it) wrote: Great and educational look at how Daft Punk came to be, their influence on music, and where they are now.