Sushila (Wadkar), marries an old widower, Dasapont (Salvi), in order to pay for her younger brother's education. Dasapont already has a son, the social worker and professor Ashok (...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Devata 1939 full movies, Devata torrents movie

Sushila (Wadkar), marries an old widower, Dasapont (Salvi), in order to pay for her younger brother's education. Dasapont already has a son, the social worker and professor Ashok (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Devata torrent reviews

Shristi Singh C (gb) wrote: same old storyline. nothing special.

Aldo C (it) wrote: I can't believe this piece of crap says to be in the PA saga it's boring and sometimes it is sad to see the attempts of the Japanese to make us scream.

Timothy V (kr) wrote: One of the best films on Netflixs. No idea why no reviews. The cinematography alone should have won it recognition, not to mention the stellar performances, world class story line. Simply beautiful, a story of human beings, like a Raymond Carver short story. Better then Stand By Me, or most all movies these days....curious it has not been highlighted more. All I can say is it far out shines any of the film festival movies, in heart, soul and beauty. Real ART.Have never written a review on here before, but how will I find great films like this?

SimonAlexandre C (gb) wrote: Director Yuhang Ho created a beautifully shot bleak movie, with the tension slowly building, to an unsatisfying ending. A 23 year old confused-boy is dating and sleeping with a 16 years old girl, only for the parents of the girl to find out about their relationship. The parents decide to bring the boy to court for adultery rape... unless the mother's boy can buy out their silence. The mother of the boy will look for the money, while the boy will try to bring reason to his girlfriend. An interesting "film noir" premise, sadly let down by an abrupt "open" ending that makes little sense.

Aidan H (br) wrote: By-the-numbers revenge drama made bearable by a character-driven script and a couple of OK shoot-outs. Reno lets his stunt double do all the work and sits this one out. Average.

James H (jp) wrote: 4.5/10. For a low budget horror film, it isn't too bad. The acting is a very mixed bag, some good, some okay, some poor. The story is on the lame side, but it held my interest generally. Some of the storyline makes no sense at all, so that very much hurt the film's overall effect.

Cameron J (it) wrote: It is a weak, cheesy and very underwhelming creation. Production is cheap, even for a TV film, is extremely rushed and episodic in its segments, rather disturbing at points and holds a very good deal of other problems. Casting is decently good, aswell as the soundtrack and does have its high point, but that is not enough to stop the film from falling apart. A bit of a let-down.

familiar s (us) wrote: "We are sorry for you. You made good Olympic Games. But you offered us a showcase and we have to use this showcase in order to show our possibility to so many millions... or even billions of people in the world who are watching your Olympic Games."This was one hell of an act of terrorism being broadcast live worldwide. The events leading to the massacre were outrageous, and the steps taken by the Germans to fight the terrorists were incredibly gullible. The ease with which they've got over it is laudable. The rescue operation designed worked so well that it led to the death of one and all of the hostages. Of course, they succeeded in shooting dead five terrorists and capturing the rest of the lot. And as if the negligent rescue operation wasn't enough, when the hijackers of a jet plane demanded release of the terrorists under trial, they readily handed them away. What surprises me the most is that the surviving terrorists received a grand welcome and those shot dead received the funeral for the martyrs in Libya. I mean, they didn't even try to hide any of this. Ain't it ridiculous? Had no idea whatsoever of this "One Day In September" till now. Maybe I'm far more ignorant than I'd assumed.

Baruch Barry F (gb) wrote: I might have actually liked it if it didn't seem so fake. It looked like it was done out of someone's basement. When they were in the shuttle, if hadn't watched just before that you would have thought it was just a regular room. When the shuttle took off they just showed the same video that you can probably download from youtube.

Fawn R (gb) wrote: I can't believe I have never seen this...

Nate T (br) wrote: Strained updating of the Hope, Crosby "ROAD to..." pictures. Hope has a great cameo, otherwise nothing special or particularly note-worthy.

Kyle D (au) wrote: The most magical musical Disney film filled with Disney-made classical music of its own.

Oj H (gb) wrote: loved this movie... for no particular reason, besides great performances, good cinematography, good production design, decent story (though not very plausible), and overall extremely entertaining.

Jairo A (br) wrote: She's out of my league has some really good moments but it not consistent throughout and this is why I won't rate it higher. At times it felt slow and then it picked up again. Some of the characters are pretty cool/funny. It's one of those movies you like because the concept is pretty cool/unique but it could have been better with more famous actors in it. I think Adam Sandler would have killed it in this role as the guy who is a 5 going out with a 10. Overall, it's a good watch. 3/5 OR 6/10

The C (ru) wrote: Superbad is a hilarious teen comedy about how far people will go for a night with the girl of their dreams. It is full of jokes, alcohol, and a guy named McLovin.-The Critic