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John P (ca) wrote: Brilliant Movie..I really enjoyed it

Gregory W (gb) wrote: tries for a new twist on the old crime capor/heist movie but misses the mark

M o n s e r (ru) wrote: Ugh, this movie... Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Tony P (gb) wrote: The UK film industry produces such interesting films. Here is another one.Stars the late, great Bob Hoskins and Dame Judi Dench in the lead roles.Dench plays Mrs. Laura Henderson. Newly widowed. She has the wealth to purchase a London theatre, The Windmill just prior to the outbreak of WWII.She employs Hoskins character Vivian Van Damm as the general manager.I don't want to reveal the full plot however the theatre continues to operate as London gets the full wrath of the Nazi blitz.It's shows disassociate themselves from the competition by playing round the clock and including nudity.The film is not pornographic in any way I may add!A stellar UK cast includes Pop Idol runner up who should have won Will Young.Thelma Barlow, remember her? She played dithering Mavis for years on the UK soap Coronation Street.The film shows the UK stiff upper lip to the Nazi aggression that engulfed Europe. The theatre continues to open and flourish.Dench and Hoskins are shown to be opposites. Opposites attract is the old saying?By no means classic film but an enjoyable one.

Jon N (gb) wrote: Aside from the rubbish story and script this does have a largely famous walk on cast and a mixture of highs and lows.

Cody M (gb) wrote: I had fun with Big Far Lair.

Sherman R (nl) wrote: I think i have seen it but i can not remember it.

Robert A (it) wrote: It's like a mix between UHF and Be Kind Rewind. I also view these characters very similar to people today who want to try to make money from making videos for the internet. It's the Youtube movie way before Youtube was around and even before the internet. Youtube is the internets MTV. Television paved way for internet videos. Network paved way to The Social Network. MTV paved way for Youtube. Tapeheads paved way for "Youtube movie that has not been made yet". What goes around comes around. Tapeheads is an entertaining movie. It's hard for me not to like John Cusack and Tim Robbins here.

Mariana G (es) wrote: It must be great movie! ...i <3 Queen!!! :):)

Greg W (ca) wrote: good epic in the vein of 'lawrence of arabia'

Michael N (jp) wrote: such a cheesy ending, but it's adorable

Allen G (de) wrote: It's just slightly less than what I will accept from a Hollywood popcorn action movie. You put your trust in it to satisfy you and nothing more- it's like a bit of fast food but in this case the chips were undercooked. I'm not violently ill as a result but I wanted more. Cage goes for it in his crazy way though so it's worth a watch if you are a fan.

Mikael A (au) wrote: Dolf as a swedish merc, with swedish vodka, swedish snus, and a swedish Carl-Gustav GRG antitank gun. That cant go wrong.