Devil in the Brain

Devil in the Brain

A child suspected of killing his father is imprisoned in a mental hospital. A doctor finds him mentally healthy and begins to suspect another explanation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   mother,   amnesia,  

A child suspected of killing his father is imprisoned in a mental hospital. A doctor finds him mentally healthy and begins to suspect another explanation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria M (br) wrote: I would not recomend it, but the idea of making a story with the 80's hits was good, and the songs are good remakes. The thing is the story is lame.

Andr D (gb) wrote: it's a fun film, as long as you take it as the film it is: OTT, ridiculous light take on what a bear Sex and the City would be like...

Raju S (it) wrote: a really nice gripping thriller based on actual events....I would say this is a must watch! A real eye-opener. See the politics in Taiwan.

Erich B (kr) wrote: Starts a bit slowly. Had me rolling.

Sagar K (gb) wrote: genelia was so sexiest in jaane tu ya jannaene

Javod F (ag) wrote: intensley funny, a bit off beat but thats what i think brings it all together so perfectly

Eric C (es) wrote: One of my favorite chick flicks. It still works over a decade later as a 90s period piece. It's a shame Matthew Perry became a druggie because he could have done some great things as an actor. If it came out today, it would probably be boycotted on Twitter and social media as racist and unaccepting, and those same thought police enforcers would miss the universal message of love that it portrays better than most rom coms.

Joey V (ru) wrote: South Central is a film that is great to talk about after watching. That revolves around the cycle and violence that is in the black community with gang violence overcoming the streets and families being left in sorrow after losing a loved one. Glenn Plummer as Bobby Johnson is a great actor in this film with him playing a likable yet sometimes unapologetic character having been in prison little did he know weeks after being let out he would be back in for 10 years. No other performance really stuck out besides Carl Lumbly as Ali who feels Bobby's struggle and wants to help guide him into making better choices and to change himself to save his son which Ali could not explaining how the cycle of violence sticks in the African american community. Bobby changes his ways and leads on a search for his son, while I loved mainly two performances in the film, Christian Coleman as Jimmie had a little bit of awkward performance but at times his acting excelled. South Central is a great film about the cycle of violence, hurt, and gangs, and what would you do to save your son is a keypoint and this is a question left you.

Jasmine C (es) wrote: i love , this it was a good movie

Kathleen W (gb) wrote: Considering it's a movie with such a straight forward story - that we know from the beginning, he lied and the truth comes out at the end - it manages to be super engaging the whole way through. Our villain is comical and intriguing, the ending is really satisfying, it looks really pretty. I don't know if I got anything new from it but it was a wholesome movie experience.

Timm S (ru) wrote: The Material Is Dark, But Watched In The Right Mood / Frame Of Mind;It Is An Enriching, Thought-Provoking Experience. My Mum Often Says You Only Ever Fail When You Fail To Try.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous and cheesy body-swap horror movie. Wes Craven attempts to make a new horror icon like Freddy, but for the MTV/video generation, but ultimately fails. So much of it makes zero sense, but still, it's so much fun. And holds tons of nostalgic value for me.