Devil Man - Volume 2: Demon Bird

Devil Man - Volume 2: Demon Bird

Devilman faces the tortoise demon Jinmen and birdwoman Shiranu

Demons, once trapped in the glacial ice of the Earth, have been unleashed on mankind after centuries of non-intervention... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Devil Man - Volume 2: Demon Bird torrent reviews

Gina W (es) wrote: Great movie. So heartwarming.

Mark N (ag) wrote: Possibly the most pretentious excuse for a student film I have ever had to tolerate. Don't be fooled by named stars as they show up purely to help out a friend with selling a pathetic conceit with minimal writing, direction or any other film-making craft. Any normal human being will be annoyed and confused as to how and why this was made.

Kimberly E (ca) wrote: Horrible stuff...makes me not want to go outside. But it's good to be informed.

Marlan M (es) wrote: Cute, funny, and corny romantic comedy that lays it on too hard with the melodrama from time to time.

Emilie B (ru) wrote: I saw this, wondering if Marlon and Damon Wayans passed up the directing rights to some other moron. The story was plain stupid and the acting was horrible. What are the odds that they do pick one model from each country and give her some sort of quirky attribute? Another train wreck that did attract my attention, only to disappoint.

Andy P (nl) wrote: Watch the far superior "Rookie of the Year" or "Angels in the Outfield" if you are in the mood for a fun baseball kids flick. This plot was rather cliched with no redeemable aspects to make up for that.

John D (ca) wrote: MST3K! This film would've been hilarious without the MST3K commentary. Love the soundtrack! Adam West! Tia Carrere! Canada! Big Hair!

Greg R (mx) wrote: tries desperately to pull off film noir....doesn't quite....the ending comes out of nowhere...I'd never heard of this movie and it was interesting to see young Meryl

Joshua L (ca) wrote: One of those Bad Films which most definitely do not fit the So Bad It's Good category. Instead, it goes into the much broader So Bad It's Awful group.

Matt F (mx) wrote: Having a plot that was lifted practically in its entirety by Roman Polanski for his film The Ninth Gate, Freddie Francis' The Skull doesn't suffer from any of the artistic fence-straddling of the aforementioned disasterpiece. Francis was a well-heeled genre vet by the time having directed several other Amicus and Hammer productions before then.It's only real obvious failing was a climax which is preceded by nearly 10 completely dialogue-free minutes.

John W (jp) wrote: I actually really like this movie. Once again Wes Craven meshes horror thrills and comedic elements. Yes, the effects are dated and the story line is a stretch but it's still a great premise and well done.

Paul D (jp) wrote: The gore and murders get out of control as the relationship between two lost souls hits highs and lows. There's an allure about this movie though with emotionless killing that takes place followed by a resumption of normal life each time.