Devil's Angels

Devil's Angels

An exiled band of Hell's Angels strike a bargain with the Sheriff of a local town, let them stay and the town is safe. But a local girl strays into their lair and sparks off a full scale Angel war.

An exiled band of Hell's Angels strike a bargain with the Sheriff of a local town, let them stay and the town is safe. But a local girl strays into their lair and sparks off a full scale Angel war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jussi E (ru) wrote: I was really positively surprised by BearCity! The trailer didn't do the movie justice at all. The actors were top-notch, and comedic timing was perfect most fo the time. I especially enjoyed the groupsex-gone-wrong-in-the-shower -scene, as well as the bear caricatures.An enjoyable fun film that has a lot to say under its "light" happy surface.

Ahmed K (de) wrote: three academy awards winners :)i like it .. it was really nice

Kristen W (nl) wrote: An extremely watered down version of "Cannibal Holocaust".

Ada M (ag) wrote: what can I say? joe strummer <3

Fabio V (mx) wrote: movie was so dumb there was unnecessary scenes.

Roland P (jp) wrote: Gute Unterhaltung ???

Michael L (ca) wrote: i like the moon blades...but i thought the movie would be better...

Andrew K (it) wrote: A cheesy but still pretty enjoyable movie that takes a lot of good twists and turns. The actors are also fairly likeable.

Jonathan D (nl) wrote: One of my favs even though it still creeps me out!

Edgar C (mx) wrote: A guilty pleasure for some, garbage for some others. When this came out, it was an absolute bomb in the French theatres. Who can blame them? It reveals its idiocy with brutal violence, "humor" and its Tarantinian low-budget looks. If this had been made in Hollywood with the exact same actors and spoken in English, there would be less "Not Interested" ratings, and critics would hate it. Oh well... 77/100

Craig R (mx) wrote: Pretty gory cheesefest with major boobage! Overall a pretty fun watch.


John W (fr) wrote: One of the great European arthouse works tells the story of the ambiguous situation the Polish undergroud army found itself in towards the end of WWII. On the one hand we have Pawlikowski's character determined to continue battle this time against pro Soviet Polish authorities. Cybulski's character is no longer so certain. Wonderful acting from both leads and strong supporting cast. Strong storytelling of this tragic story. First rate.

Roy C (mx) wrote: Boo, Noah Bernett only got one line.

Lamar W (mx) wrote: The original can't knock this movie action and nacho chesse in the best ways the obvious one lines the visuals the script the dialogue the dialogue what could you really do but laugh and enjoy this film classic

Rebecca R (jp) wrote: This was a B-type movie. Normally that would not bother me however this movie is just boring. The makeup on the zombies is laughable. For More Reviews Follow @RJsReviews

Brian B (us) wrote: This film has everything. Action, tense scenes, great acting, and great cgi. Despite being made over 20 years ago, the dinosaurs still look better then much of today's cgi. The plot is about a group of people going to an island with live dinosaurs. But some of the workers are trying to smuggle embryos off the island and they turn off the power releasing all the dinosaurs. The survivors then have to make it off the island before they get killed. This movie has dozens of memorable scenes which are too many to name all of them but the most memorable for me is when we first see the T-Rex destroy the car. The movie actually explains why the dinosaurs exist and it explains how they made them. Even though this can't happen in reality, it's always impressive for sci-fi films to have the plot have believable elements. Realism isn't necessary but it does make them more interesting to me. The 2nd and 3rd movies weren't that good compared to this one but "Jurassic World" might be the one that brings back the charm of the original one. This is an outstanding movie and every sci-fi fan needs to see this.

Logan M (jp) wrote: The original teen movie, "Rebel Without a Cause" doesn't sugarcoat troubled youth.