Devil's Bridge

Devil's Bridge

Sean takes his two friends into the rural wilds of Wales in search of an underworld specialist who can illegally revive his failing business. Deep in alien, isolated territory, they ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sean takes his two friends into the rural wilds of Wales in search of an underworld specialist who can illegally revive his failing business. Deep in alien, isolated territory, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Devil's Bridge torrent reviews

Dave B (nl) wrote: Pathetic garbage - waste of 136 minutes. If that's coming of age I'd suggest euthanasia

Jake H (kr) wrote: First one was better for sure

Airene A (it) wrote: i love sharon movies

Joseph E (ag) wrote: Obviously this is trash, trash with a hot scene, but that is about it, and that really isn't enough to make this even barely watchable!~

Greg W (es) wrote: good period pic fresh take on the jack the ripper tale

Hardy C (ag) wrote: Despite RT's absurdly low rating this is actually a funny film about the vagaries of The L Word. Yes it is not a true "date film" since it really questions the whole meaning of romance but it will amuse you. Wilson is super hot of course and Stewart is his usual comic self. Not an Oscar nominee to be sure but not the disaster RT's critics make it out to be.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Franco-Swiss director Barbet Schroeder, (best known for Ma (R)tresse (1976) and Barfly (1987)) and produced by Oliver Stone, this is a gripping legal drama revolving around a real life murder case that happened back in the early 1980's. It's a very good film that's intriguing, even if it's tone and mood is all over the place due to it's juxtaposed nature. It has rich socialite Claus von B 1/4low (Jeremy Irons), being accused with the attempted murder of his aristocratic wife Sunny von B 1/4low (Glenn Close) by overdosing her on insulin, von B 1/4low is found guilty. However, von B 1/4low wants a retrial, and appoints Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz (Ron Silver) to help him with his appeal. Dershowitz has his team of law students working to determine whether von B 1/4low is not guilty, and the film flashes back to times in the von B 1/4low marriage when things were a bit rocky. Nothing is what it seems, and the evidence of the original case might be circumstantial, there's no clear motive for murder as Claus von B 1/4low claims he loved Sunny, but he has an odd way of showing his love... It's very well made, and very classy too. Although Irons and Close got most of the critical plaudits, the best performance in the film is Silver as Dershowitz, a man who has to believe that Claus von B 1/4low is innocent, quite overlooked by the Academy there. But, it's suspenseful and thoughtful in all the right places.

Gregory C (au) wrote: i bought this at the stax museum as a souvenir. not the greatest concert movie ever but an amazing time capsule centered around the "stax woodstock" in 1972. the visuals are amazing. jesse jackson in a dashiki. rufus thomas in a pink leisure suit (shorts not pants). isaac hayes in a vest of gold chains. the bar-kays' white afro guy. also, if you ever listened to public enemy, you'll know know the source for a TON of samples they appropriated. check it out.

Movie M (kr) wrote: "God's Not Dead" started off pretty strong, had an interesting premise, the storylines started building up, but the cheesy ending really brought it back down. There was literally no reason for the Newsboys to just be thrown in at the ending, and made the ending a little weird. In fact, a lot of these characters and their stories just end up being irrelevant, there are a lot of different plots going on, and only about 2 of them actually get endings. Maybe they will carry over in the sequel, but still an odd way to end off the movie. Compared to some of the other religious movies I've seen, "God's Not Dead" is watchable, but not something people will be searching for specifically.