Devil's Canyon

Devil's Canyon

An outlaw woman (Virginia Mayo) helps one Arizona convict (Dale Robertson) stop another (Stephen McNally) with a Gatling gun.

Ex-marshal Billy Reynolds, sent to state prison for killing two men in self defense, learns that killer Jessie Gorman, brother of the two men Billy shot, is in the same prison and vows ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flutie A (ru) wrote: If you like sushi, this is going to be up your alley. Guaranteed to make you want some sushi!

Sean C (gb) wrote: Worse than you(TM)d think, and made absurd by some arcane references to Melville(TM)s novel. In other words it is a laugh a minute shitfest.

Yu C (it) wrote: the advertisement in the film are so many! a hostess and a millionare meet in the must love dog,they travel to the Hokkaido (Japan's northernmost island),and so the movie let the Chinese know how nice there! the travellers go there increase! anyway, I don't like the ads in this movie!

Roy C (fr) wrote: Orky used Psychic, and then people can control the weather! Excellent use of camera, lighting, sound effects, and music. I believe the core is an undercurrent meant to comment on what's wrong with the modern world, and at first glance, I thought how the film tried to be so many genres at once would be detrimental, but ultimately, it amounts to an exceedingly unique cinematic experience.

Eric R (de) wrote: Thanks to the release of Sylvester Stallone's "The Expendables" aging actions stars like Dolf Lundgren have been revitalized and due to this people are starting to look back at his old action films.... hell it even worked on me as I haven't seen his many of his action films in years. As I go through my DVD collection of Lundgren action films it is easy to say that the hasn't had the most prolific career in the "action film" compared to his action hero brethren due to most of his films being really, really forgettable. "Men of War" is one of his many action films that fall under the dreaded word "forgettable."Lundgren is a special forces assassin who is brought out of retirement to gather his old crew of war buddies to head down to a tropical island in order to convince the local tribes to sign a contract so greedy businessmen can come in and mine for jade. Lundgren in good Pocahontas fashion falls in love with one of the tribal women, loses track of his mission and turns on his team and mission. Of course a blood bath ensues.I don't expect exceptional plots when it comes to action films but Jesus Christ these type of plots have been done to death, even by 1994 when this was made. Really how man action films start off with a retired assassin or mercenary not wanting to come back, but later convinced to by an old friend only to end up being enemies with the very person that hired him. Fuck... I've lost count!The cast is made up of some great character actors that many action fans will instantly recognize, most notably the Australian actor that played Kano in the "Mortal Kombat" film and other notable jackasses. Hell we even get a young Catherine Bell (famous now for the chick TV show "Army Wives"... you can thank my wife for drilling that bit of trivia into my skull by constantly watching that overly dramatic show) but her character is basically pointless other than providing the predominantly male audience with some eye candy. Dolf Lundgren himself actually doesn't do to bad of a job in the acting department and he really shows he's come a long way from the early days of "Masters of the Universe" and "Red Scorpion."My main beef with this action film is the lackluster direction by Perry Lane. How did this guy fuck up so royally? He had a dream cast for an action film, a typical action packed plot but he ruins it by giving the film a very flat, made-for-TV vibe to it not aided by some very annoying uses of slow motion. His directing is so pedestrian I felt like I was watching an episode of "Tour of Duty" as opposed to a DOLF LUNDGREN ACTION FILM! Fuck I shouldn't be surprised to learn that all this asshole did after "Men of War" was direct hundreds of T\television episodes for various series... including fucking "Army Wives." No wonder I found myself losing attention...Dolf Lundgren does a better acting job and the rest of the cast is made up of a dream team of character actors but thanks to our boring, made-for-TV like approach to the directing this action film never takes flight and it had the ability to be an insanely entertaining action film with the ingredients it had. Where's Cannon films when you need them?

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Andrew M (fr) wrote: Masked behind the smog-ridden streets of 2019 Los Angeles, the neon lit shops, the hum of the cars that glide by, Blade Runner is a story of humanity. Based on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the role of the computerized replicants that inhabit Ridley Scott's iteration of the future is ultimately to reinforce many humanistic ideas, like the longevity of life and the acceptance of death. In fact, the ideals of the humans and the replicants are flipped in the way that they would presumably be in the real world. Rick Deckard, our leading man, is cynical and weary, not unlike the heroes of the film noir of old, and the streets of Los Angeles lack a sense of community and are all-around cold, and not just from the constant rain. In contrast, the four replicants Deckard is hired to "retire" all have deeply human beliefs: they work together, and want nothing more than the ability to continue with their lives and witness new things. This goes not only for the quartet, but for Rachael, another replicant who is convinced she is human: it's through her, a technological creation, that Deckard is ironically able to recapture his own sense of humanity.It's a deliberately slow-moving film because of all this, and although that can sometimes be a bit of a drag, it's the most necessary way to tell such a thoughtful story. Aside from being a deconstruction of humanity, it's very much a police procedural at its core: as Deckard puts together the pieces to finding himself, he in turn puts together the pieces to finding the replicants. In that, Scott captures this story in a manner reminiscent of the aforementioned film noir. Director of photography Jordan Cronenweth films the many conversations in dark rooms, with characters masked behind shadows. The action sequences, in which Deckard actually has a chance to retire one of the replicants, run just long as they should, and then the film slows back down to focus on the characters and the themes. It's this calmness, paired with everything it has to say about life and humanity and technology, that makes Blade Runner such a triumph of filmmaking.

Brett C (kr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I was certainly not prepared for what Kevin Smith had to offer for Chasing Amy. I came into this film only with my preconceived feelings towards the director, Kevin Smith, from the previous films that I have seen from him; Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I knew very little of the plot before coming into this as I had almost complete trust in Kevin Smith and I had this idea that all of his films aside from Jersey Girl, carry the same tone and humour. It was abundantly clear right when the film's complication hits, that Chasing Amy was going to be different.I believe, at least from what I have seen that Chasing Amy is Smith's most socially thought provoking but also his most endearing film. I have seen his work on Jersey Girl, and though that film does provide more sentimentality, I never felt it was his most endearing. Chasing Amy earns it through its unadulterated and justified emotions. Characters in this film make decisions that would seem to far-fetched, but since Smith allows these individuals to actually contemplate on their decision, pitting side by side logic and instinct, the audience is never felt cheated or manipulated. Chasing Amy is a simple enough film that it is easy to pick up on the larger themes that Smith was trying to explore, while also following the complex emotions that Smith draws up on its romance. The film eventually reaches to a conclusion that I personally felt was appropriate to the characters, leaving me with a melancholy feeling that may completely change subsequent experiences with the film.When coming into a Kevin Smith film, it is justified, given the nature of his stories and his relaxed satirical direction, for me to not expect anything outstanding from the performance of his cast. Chasing Amy was a powerhouse of a film in regards to its acting; Joey Lauren Adams killed it as Alyssa Jones. Adams plays this role that is conflicted with experiences of her past and shaped by a world that is different from Ben Affleck's character, Holden McNeill, while still coming out of it as the sympathetic character, even though it is Holden that the film primarily follows. Though Ben Affleck gave a strong performance in this film, he was always overshadowed by the intensity of Adams' delivery and I feel bad that she did not gain the accolades that the performance clearly deserved. Hopefully as the audience for this film grows, so will her praise. Do I really need to talk about the rest of the cast?Chasing Amy effectively delivers through an emotionally layered and impacting performance by Joey Lauren Adams, and Kevin Smith's authentic view on the social ideas behind love, sexuality and genders. This is by far, Kevin Smith's best work; though I am hopeful for Clerks, I doubt it could surpass the ambition and impact that this Chasing Amy was able to supply.

Becky P (ca) wrote: A brief description would fall slightly short for this movie. In other words it is a movie that deserves a "head-turning" reaction but I would have rathered to wait for the DVD of this movie to be released.

David B (mx) wrote: It starts off strange and interesting and im curious to learn more about this jeff guy but for a short film i felt the story about his mother was boring and the story about his brother was not much better the ending is all sappy might make you cry.

Megan T (gb) wrote: Worst movie I have ever watched in my entire life.

Erin C (it) wrote: I really didn't care for this movie. I've already forgotten what it was about.