Devil's Pond

Devil's Pond

What starts out as a romantic honeymoon on a deserted island turns into a horrible nightmare as Julianne discovers that her new husband is psychotic...

What starts out as a romantic honeymoon on a deserted island turns into a horrible nightmare as Julianne discovers that her new husband is psychotic. Trapped on the island, he has no plans ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (mx) wrote: It is uneven like most anthologies, with segments that range from scary to funny to clever to silly - and as such, some of them are quite efficient but many are far from that, like "M Is for Miscarriage" and "Z is for Zetsumetsu", both of which stand out as particularly awful.

Gavin O (it) wrote: Go and watch Lock Stock or The Mexican - this is too low budget to be worth 98 mins of your life.

Mad M (fr) wrote: In the class of grift flicks, it's better than average. But it doesn't stand out outside the niche genre.It's a slight twist on an old story. It has it's suspenseful moments though. And some good acting.

Gabe C (de) wrote: In terms of quality this movie freaking sucks, but there's something charming about it

Luis M (mx) wrote: Quien mejor que Capra para relatarnos estos cuentos llenos de optimismo, esperanza y "finales felices".

bruno m (de) wrote: great film.though it dragged on too much in the second half

Tyler A (es) wrote: This is easily one of my favorite all time movies. This was marvel at its best and had a compelling and action packed story

Omega F (de) wrote: [email protected]

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Uneasy viewing: there's no doubt that this is a tendentious film, with a distinctly repulsive prejudice against working people (no-one in this film works except the upward-aspirational Mrs Kite and Windrush), and while it flays Big Capital, it does so in Carry On style, while real venom is reserved for Kite and the comical trade unionists. However, the cast is great - Terry-Thomas, Sellers, John Le Mesurier (with a bizarre facial tic) and Dennis Price are all perfect casting, and there's even a fine cameo from Malcolm Muggeridge as himself. Surrealism is evident in the involvement of some stage vikings near the end, and of course the film itself begins and closes in a nudist colony, throwing in a Benny Hill chase scene along the way. Don't buy into the lies - management in the UK wasn't professionalized until the late 1970s, and was a root cause of our poor productivity - but do sit back and enjoy the performances.

Lewis E (es) wrote: I can not claim to have had a massive interest in the Lance Armstrong dope scandal despite, after reading the facts, understanding its major significance in the world of sport. Therefore it is not my position to comment on how well these events are represented. Nonetheless, from my perspective, 'The Program' depicts a reasonably engaging story that maintains a steady pace without pushing the limits.