Devil Seed

Devil Seed

Alexandra is a lively college student returning to live with her roommates Jessica and Breanne after the summer holidays. After a night of drinking, Alex agrees to a psychic reading to learn about her future with her boyfriend, Brian, but during the reading a dramatic turn of events causes SOMETHING to go drastically wrong. When Alex awakes the next day, she cant remember the events of the night before. She begins to hear creepy noises, hallucinate, black out and receive unidentifiable scratch marks all over her body. Afraid shes going crazy, she seeks help from her friends but Jessica, Breanne and Brian are incapable of comprehending the scope of the darkness descending UPON her. Instead, Alex receives help from a school professor and his father who have dealt with the supernatural before. But as Alexs condition worsens, it becomes apparent that it may already be too late to stop the entity from using Alexs body as a gateway into our world (

A college student's psychic reading goes horribly wrong, and she becomes possessed by a demonic entity. Desperately seeking help as the terror takes hold, she realizes that a demon is using her as a gateway to enter our reality, and fears that the malevolent entity may already be too powerful to stop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian H (gb) wrote: Had some corny moments and quite hilarious ones as well. Pretty-elementary humor for high school grads? Manny boobies... many farts, shits, and giggles. You'll love this if your poop don't stink, or you're brain dead?!

Stevee T (es) wrote: Death Defying Acts (2007) is just one of those DVDs which I grabbed off the shelf without thinking. I must admit, I never really wanted to watch it that much, but I thought it was a good enough film. I'm not the biggest Catherine Zeta-Jones fan, and I've never really thought of her as an actress. But seeing this, I think I can finally see her as an actress, and not as that chick who's married to the real old guy who was in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. The title, 'Death Defying Acts' was a bit iffy. I guess I was expecting a lavish film about acrobats in a circus, but I was wrong about that. Rather, it was about a faux-psychic, Mary (Zeta-Jones), who is very poor, and often is an act at a local club with her daughter Benji (Saoirse Ronan). She meets a famous magician/daredevil, Harry Houdini (Guy Pearce), who is trying to connect with his dead mother's spirit. Mary looks like the woman for the job, but Houdini ends up falling in love with her, and romance ensues. It was a beautiful work of art, I mean the sets were fitting for the time period (1929). But the story is tough and go. Right throughout it, I got very confused as to what Mary was trying to do. The romance between Houdini and Mary wasn't very believable, because of the lack of chemistry between the two actors. Mind you, life would have been pretty grim for Mary, especially because she lived in a graveyard. This is one of those movies that you are meant to just grab off the shelf if all else fails. It's not particularly outstanding yet not that bad. The end is pretty sad, so you might want to get a few tissues with this. But only watch if you're desperate.

Ken W (br) wrote: This has got to be the craziest adaptation of the Journey to the West ever.

Private U (ru) wrote: Relaxing entertainment.

Taylor S (us) wrote: This was a really good movie considering that I really like monkeys!

Clinton F (au) wrote: This is one of the first movies that focuses on the relationship in a gay movie no sex ploy to get people looking. the emotions are flying everywhere and its not the "perfect" relationship.

martin b (kr) wrote: cooky but cool. not bad for a low budget sci-fi movie.

Luis Enrique R (fr) wrote: GREAT music n awesome directs, just the perfect match. EVERY short is unique. WATCH it no matter what.


Adam K (br) wrote: A masterfully crafted thriller that is creepy (in the best sense) and perfectly paced, keeping you in suspense the whole time. The performances are perfect, the cinematography is stunning, and the story is surprisingly thoughtful; all of this and an ending to remember. This was a film I could not forget and had to watch twice. On Netflix.

brock h (ag) wrote: Fight Club is a masterpiece. Brad Pitt gives the performance of his career as he embodies the man every boy wants to be. Clever, witty, and tough. Fight Club tells the story of men who have fallen into conformity and want an escape. They are liberated only by establishing a brutal club where they can let loose on each other. However, the element that makes this film unique is the disturbing view it has on how we want to see ourselves and how we cope with who we are. The acting is terrific, the soundtrack is terrific, and it looks amazing. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.