Devil's Pass

Devil's Pass

To determine what happened to some Russian hikers, five U.S. college students go back to where the hikers were found dead to make a documentary. But things take a turn for the worse to reveal the secrets as to what happened there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis A (br) wrote: Once you watch this movie, you will be extremely careful what you place on your Facebook or even talk on your cell phone. This will blow your mind away.Documentary on how Facebook, Google ,AT&T and all wireless companies handles your "Private" data...or what we believe is our own private data.This is one worth seeing.

Norm d (it) wrote: Clever take on coming of age a bit late ... for a young man hooked on a young woman who's "there" but just not quite enough in spite of how things seem. Great opener from the author about the movie being a work of fiction, etc!! Deschanel is always watchable and nicely cast. One wonders if she wouldn't have been part of a good pairing for "La La Land" with her retro band background. Maybe next time ... :)

Marc S (es) wrote: Low budget shocker. Does its job, well.

Simon S (kr) wrote: Street Kings boasts an all-star cast and should be commended for attempting to make a statement about the ambiguity of justice, but it is far too heavy-handed and poorly written to be effective.

Wiebke K (nl) wrote: Nice action thriller with a couple of twists.



Steve T (us) wrote: I feel extremely old watching this movie more than 25 years after the fact. It is a little dated now - and the story line makes much more sense to me now that I have dived into the history of the Black Sox scandal and how it plagued a team for decades and sent the culprits into relative obscurity. This always played out as a subplot - where I always felt it should have been more promoted. It is monumental in that it was the birth of the "Sports Fantasy" or "Sports Science Fiction" genre - which unfortunately has not really caught on. Too bad the ethereal message of "if you build it, they will come" is now used to justify strange fantasies and magical thinking. I always wonder how'd the Chicago White Sox fans viewed this film before 2005 and after?

Erin C (br) wrote: Dempsey was funny, and it actually wasn't a bad movie. It had a sweet story.

Nicola M (ag) wrote: Adoro adoro adoro! Stavo riguardando degli spezzoni e gi il cuore... la scena sulla spiaggia prima del finale, la splendida Cardinale(doppiata da Adriana Asti) che scende dalle scale della Villa di Perrin sulle note dell'Aida, stralci di Parma e Rimini nei primi anni'60, le canzoni di Celentano, Fidenco, Paoli... strazio poetico, amore, senza fiato e occhi lucidi, irraggiungibile. Grazie Valerio per aver lasciato questo capolavoro...

Guillaume H (jp) wrote: Some complains that the twist is easy to get before its reveal. That is not the point. You could argue that anyone who pays close attention the first 5 minutes will get the twist before he gets to 20. The thrill is in the proceeding, knowing whats unfolding in front of you for what it is. and the DID thing is no secret; they talk about it right in your face, so congrats you got it, you were supposed to. Above from that, its dark and heavy like a mental storm, moldy and rainy like when everything collapse. because thats exactly whats happening. Although the ending leaves open the possibility that is also self -reconstructing, and that the whole cycle just keeps playing in a loop.