Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower

Abused, broke and down on her luck, Sarah is given a new shot at life when she moves into a new apartment. At first the apartment seems to have been the right choice for Sarah, she even meets some new friends including Sid (Jason Mewes). But before long tenants begin disappearing, when Sarah and Sid go looking for them, they discover an evil lurks, hell bent on not only taking over their building, but the city as well. As Sarah and Sid fight for survival, the bitter and vengeful ghost begins inhabiting the bodies of the tower’s tenants turning them to bloodthirsty zombies.

Sarah has recently lived in Albion Court a rundown apartment building. There, Sarah and her neighbor uncover a strange deaths and disappearances attributed to a vengeful ghost controlling a horde of zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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