A raucous teen comedy produced in association with Severin Films, Devolved stars Gary Entin (the upcoming Seconds Apart), Lindsey Shaw (10 Things I Hate About You), and Robert Adamson (Lincoln Heights) as leaders of opposing factions of teenagers who find themselves shipwrecked on an uncharted island off the Mexican coast. Faced with the prospect of a long-term stay, the island soon degenerates into a struggle between two groups; teens who want high school to end as fast as possible, and teens who never want high school to end.

Devolved is a racy teen satire that follows a group of high schoolers on an ill-fated whale watching trip who find themselves stranded on a deserted island off the Mexican Coast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime D (ca) wrote: Well acted but horrible series of stereotypical events happening to one poor guy.

Bele S (au) wrote: This is the WORST movie we ever saw! We want our 2hrs of time and 5.99 refunded and the memory taken out of our heads!!! The story sucked donkey Dix, terrible story telling, amateur editing, a 4yr old on you tube could kick butt on this 'film'. Honestly, our 7lb dog's turds are more entertaining. Makes people Embarrassed to be burners! Spark team should go back back to making shitty lattes and selling jeans at the gap. Could have saved the $$$ spent on making this movie to buy Larry Harvey new teeth and English lessons!

La Keisha FirstLady A (mx) wrote: Pretty interesting movie... Definitely curved my curiosity about the "App". Damn Iris was a mess and makes one second guess relying so heavily on their device and apps lol.

Mike C (de) wrote: Rewatch: Figured I'd seen this before but didn't remember the points made so re-watched. I'm keeping it 5/10 and actually had a lot of the same stuff to say.I did want to make this one extra point: the strongest idea of the movie, in my opinion, is that without fear of death/suicide, people would die at alarming numbers. Religion promises certain alluring things. Death can be achieved relatively easily as a do-it-yourself kinda job to reach those things. So religion makes suicide unacceptable. Pretty convenient. But I wonder what would happen if suicide was not frowned upon? And finally, I'm not opposed to movies with two people talking. The Before Sunset series are quite effective, Gerry was good, and I have a Phillip Roth book that is all dialogue. The McCarthy screenplay might have been decent because it's philosophy and the reader can depict the characters as he wants. Not so much in this movie. I just did not find the TLJ character believable at all. Maybe that's more on him since he acted and directed it. Original: Tommy Lee Jones and Sam Jackson have both taken commanding roles here and there. In this movie, they are much simpler roles: literally the only two people on screen the entire time. One (Jones) a suicidal professor and the other a blue-collar worker who saves him. The discussion revolves around life, death, and religion mostly. I am generally quite impressed with movies that feature few actors or mostly dialogue. Gerry, and the Before Sunset and Before Sunrise movies come to mind. This one, is more easily forgettable despite a promising set of topics.I've had these conversations many times, so maybe that's why I'm less than intrigued. Secondly, they aren't even that well done. First of all, I don't see someone who has just tried killing himself to be all that interested in carrying a conversation with a complete stranger. Kind of odd that Jones not once throws a fit and demands to be let out. Finally, it's just overdone. I've had many conversations and watched a lot of others, and I've not really seen people act like this while telling stories or listening. It's kinda silly: they wanted a simple movie...just two people talking, but then had to movie it up with the "acting" bits. A movie like this can be really good or really bad. Really bad if it seems exploitative and a cheap effort to put two stars on screen and bring in some money. Unfortunately, that's what I thought about it. Want some real conversation, watch the aforementioned Before Sunset and Before Sunries movies. Heck, I even own both of those.

Private U (it) wrote: Powerfull message. Tremendous human spirit.

Austin G (ru) wrote: While one or two scenes feel like they were "made for TV," Facing the Giants reteaches the audience the story of David and Goliath, but instead of throwing stones, they throw footballs. And there's a lot less blood and death.

Barry L (fr) wrote: Brilliant with an excellent twist

James H (jp) wrote: What hokey rubbish. Cheaply made garbage, combining over the top action with a disater flick. Imagine, action gun fight scenes in the middle of an earthquake....

Campbell P (ca) wrote: American Pie is a teen comedy that bursted out from the popularity of 90's gross out comedies. The film follows four friends that come up with the pact to all get laid before prom night. And that's pretty much the plot.... However, it's not all bad, it can actually work sometimes. What works about this film for half the time is its sense of humor. The writers did a pretty decent job making purposeful, cringeworthy jokes that felt kinda like real life dialogue. The humor itself was either funny or "wow they went that low". Any scene with Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs is gold, I laughed a lot during those scenes. There's some good gags in the film but some are just fatally disgusting. The beer scene in the first 20 minutes is completely stupid and EXTREMELY gross (not to mention unrealistic). That's actually the main problem with American Pie. None of the delivery feels genuine or real. There's scenes where I thought to myself "Yup, that would never happen" and that's really a shame. If it were a purposeful over the top comedy it would probably work, but it's not. Term comedies are supposed to make you feel like you are that age and relate to the characters in it and I honestly can't relate to anyone in this movie because they're honestly not very good people except for maybe Finch. The two leads are pretty likable actually, played by Jason Biggs and Chris Klein. Biggs plays kind of a hopeless, horny dork, while Klein plays a lovable doofus type of guy. I can't really tell if he's acting though. In Election, Klein played the exact same character so I don't know if he's just a bad actor or if he's just typecast. I also can't tell where these characters are in terms of their school's social structure. Are the cool nerds? Are they cool kids that just happen to be virgins? They're friends with the most popular kids in school, but when they try to talk to a girl they're awkward? It just doesn't seem consistent. The problem with the story is that everything feels really scripted and again, unrealistic. Everything just falls into place for everyone and *poof* happy ending. It just went way too fast for it to seem like there was a ginormous struggle for these kids. The one other thing I'll give to this movie is that it felt a bit nostalgic to high school days. Being with your friends, partying, doing dumb stuff, getting involved, that kind of stuff. I thought American Pie did that really well. That doesn't save this movie sadly. American Pie's storyline is a mess and the story seemed VERY rushed at that. It did have some good gags and some good high school nostalgia, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. C-

Benjamin N (jp) wrote: Unreal performance by Mckellan

Carlos B (gb) wrote: Martial arts comedy form the 80's!One of my favorites growing up, I really would have to see it again to see how it stands today but it really cracked me up as a kid.3 stars for the nostalgia factor and this might change once I find it to re-rent it!

Kim B (nl) wrote: The part with the baby falling, not funny, more like horrifying. Oh those crazy French/ I don't know, perhaps, I just don't like movies about little children that much (To Kill a Mockingbird, My Father's Glory). Other than My Girl, they can be pretty boring.

Senor C (mx) wrote: Unlike many animal movies Benji basically sticks to the point of view of the dog meaning you get him on his daily adventures of visiting a family he likes for breakfast, chasing a cat (where you get the best cameo by Frances 'Aunt Bee' Bavier), visiting some other people & evidently picking up a girl friend. The kids that he visits in the morning are kidnapped & it's up to Benji to bring the law. Surely for kids or those who love dog performances. Benji doesn't serve up a lot of thrill for me but Im sure if I was 6 I would be enthralled w/ the mangy mutt. If I want A Benji movie I'll watch Oh Heavenly Dog because you @ least get Chevy Chase to carry some of the weight

Henrysmovieguide C (ag) wrote: This movie is very cool and funny. There are some gross-out alien moments, but overall it is very good, quotable, and awesome.

Darren P (de) wrote: When it comes to movies, sometimes I intentionally subject myself to pain. I think there's a term for that...