An Intense, troubling film boasting a spectacular lead performance from Marta Milans. Greg Olliver's psychological thriller records with cold, clinical precision a young woman's gradual descent into madness.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lourdes is a young woman that works at night cleaning a restaurant. All the money she made is for her son that lives in her hometown with her mother. We know very little about Lourdes son, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Devoured torrent reviews

Praveen N (kr) wrote: Maryan - A breathtaking visual & aural experience that is let down by a rather slow, disjointed and overall weak screenplayFirst off, without a shadow of a doubt, I'm going on the record and saying that Dhanush is the best actor of his generation bar none. This film further highlights his acting prowess (which we, the Tamil film audience have grown accustomed to) that began with 'Kadhal Kondein' and continued with superlative performances in 'Pudhupettai', 'Polladhavan', 'Aadukalam', 'Mayakkam Enna', '3' & the recently released 'Raanjhanaa'. He carries this film on his fragile shoulders through scenes of joy, love, hate, anger, despair & helplessness. We laugh with him during his fun times and we anguish with him when he suffers. The story itself had the potential to be superb (it being based on a true event that saw four Indian oil platform workers abducted and held for ransom in North Africa), however Bharat Bala did not do justice with his extremely weak screenplay.This is his Indian feature film debut (having previously directed a short film, a documentary, a foreign film & a few ads and music videos) and it is glaringly evident that he has a long way to go. His screenplay fails to sustain the viewer's attention, to be honest if not for the lead pair, many would not have watched till the end. The pace is extremely slow, which is fine if the scenes are not disjointed, however it feels like there one too many unnecessary scenes. The African villains were poorly conceived as neither were their motives explained nor were they engaging. They were basically cutboard cutouts of continental African caricatures. 'Kadal Rasaa' song felt out of place, the idea was great but could have been explored differently. The notion that a fisherman is at his strongest only in his element, the sea, is fantastic and proves to be the plus point in the climax.The lead pair has performed excellently, their chemistry is very prominent. The slow build up of their love is refreshing and funny. Parvathy Menon's acting deserves praise, and she looks great as a village belle. Dhanush really tugs at your heartstrings in certain scenes especially the second half when he is a hostage. That phone call scene will leave you reeling. You will know what I mean when you watch it, I wouldn't want to spoil too much.The rest of the cast have been grossly underused except for Jagan & Appukutty. It is a shame to see Salim Kumar's talents wasted as the father of Parvathy's character. After all, he also won the National Award for Best Actor for his heart wrenching performance in 2010 Malayalam film 'Adaminte Makan Abu' (incidentally he was a joint winner with Dhanush that year).A.R. Rahman was at his ethereal best as both his songs & background score was pure aural ecstasy. Although all the songs were great, the best was saved for last, as 'Nenjae Ezhu' coupled with an amazing visual spectacle could not be topped by the rest of the songs. A big kudos to Mark Koninckx, a Belgian who is pretty well known in his country but whose only previous claim to international fame was the unheralded 2008 Franco-Liberian film 'Johnny Mad Dog'. His framing and angles were evocative. Be it the fishing hamlet that is beautifully hugged by the blue sea or the harsh dry dessert that is both arid & stunning to look at.On the surface of it all, this is just a love story that could have been brilliant if it had been supplemented by a better plot twist. I give it 3/5, mainly for the lead pair's performance which was complimented superbly by Rahman's magical tunes & Koninckx's visual feast

August C (jp) wrote: A really well done beautifully animated steampunk/alternative history tale.

Anneke R (nl) wrote: Although this movie was based on real life and it was inspiring, as it showed us that winning a football game or football championship isn't everything, and the cast was great, I found the acting to be lacking. And the movie was weak.

Michael T (au) wrote: Clunky narrative that finds its voice once the mystique and underlying, anti-establishment philosophy of the reclusive Bill Watterson bubbles to the top via interviews from other notable comic strip artists.

ola k (es) wrote: beautifully shot, great acting, it's been a good year in polish cinema. dark, gruesome at times ( in the intriguing way ), simple story chopped into two time platform, amazing employment of music. it leaves you unfulfilled, but that way you can sympathize with main character.

Katerra B (au) wrote: A bit painful to sit through

Ian C (ca) wrote: A really funny documentary about a horror fanatic trying to make an independent low budget horror flick on a shoe string budget. The scene where they are filming... in the kitchen nearly killed me comedy gold. Mike Schank is priceless as Borchardt's stoner side kick, I still find it hard to believe that this is not a mockumentary.

Robert D (fr) wrote: Tight spandex always save the day.

M A (gb) wrote: I liked it!!! as one of the reviews says below: "what you get out of John Doe: Vigilante will depend solely on the way that you swing with this thorny issue" it was not the question of who did it or neither why ... but the act, the action itself and the aftermath of it all.Jamie Bamber did a really good job!, the direction was that much switching between shacky cameras, documentary view and normal shot :/ ...I liked the story and the ending...I'll give it a 7/10.

Gavin M (de) wrote: The curse of the sequel striked again here. I watched In the Heat Of the Night a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I decided to watch the sequel after noticing it in a shop. I was really disappointed in this film. Poitier gives a tired, almost going through the motions type, performance. The other actors struggled to make an impression. By the end of the movie I was indifferent as to the killer's identity. There seemed to be a lack of suspense. Overall, I think this is a very poor film.

Anand K (kr) wrote: Yeah teachers can work as strippers in a small town and no one will know about it sure thing