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An Indian engineering student in the U.S. gets in trouble with local gangsters and must resolve his problems to return to his lady-love in India.

Story starts with Vishwas (Naga Chaitanya) chasing thieves who attempts to rob a supermarket and after he catches them and handovers to cops. Later his family members are introduced. His older brother, (Srikanth), and his sister-in-law (Samiksha) who, together, protect him. Vishwas meets Rhea(Kajal) who is an only daughter of wealthy business tycoon (Mukesh Rishi) who is concerned about money and growth but not about affection and love. While Vishwas is trying to get attention of Rhea he will accidentally get into a quarrel with a gang who does business with human trafficking. He fights and frees some girls who were kidnapped and this gang is owned by (Rahul dev) who tries to find Vishwas and end him up. Will Vishwas gets succeeded in achieving his love by defeating bad guys is rest of the story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Xavier G (es) wrote: The type of story you normally do not see in a movie, where an extra-marital relationship is presented with its ups and downs. Original and much more realistic than most classic romance flicks. I liked the actors, too.

Charlene B (ca) wrote: bad..bad...bad...and not in a good way. Bad acting most of all, I couldn't even finish it

Toby E (ru) wrote: Could have been so much better.Love the story and its even got a certain amount of fact but its been drowned in stereotypical 'irish' (inaccurate at that). Filmed on a forestry Service clear felled area as opposed to a bog...And for something apparently based in Republic of Ireland why do the majority the vehicles have mainland numberplate's... silly mistakes like that drag it down more and more.Plus side is that the dialogue is great!

Gustavo A (ca) wrote: a friend of mine sent me a clip of the opening scene with flamenco/suffi music some time ago and i was hypnotised from the get go. the movie lives up to the promise of the soundtrack and delivers a dry, true to spanish gyspsy spirit, story of a family feud. having flamenco singers and blood in the family i can safely say this is a genuine portrayal of the spirit of deep spanish south.

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