Chandan Singh is a dacoit living with in isolation with his followers Bhairav Singh, Mangal Singh and his wife Parvati amongst others. The police, led by Inspector Ajit Singh are fast on the track of Chandan Singh, and soon catch up with him.

Chandan Singh is a dacoit living with in isolation with his followers Bhairav Singh, Mangal Singh and his wife Parvati amongst others. The police, led by Inspector Ajit Singh are fast on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dharma torrent reviews

Kurt C (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. I loved the dialog. I loved how they interacted and made the it seemed so natural. I loved how they called each other out on subtle little nuanced actions and words. Either the script was genius or these guys are great actors. I never thought I would say this ever, but she nailed the LA vibe without being cliched. I didn't even know we had a vibe, but I saw it in her. Is she from LA or is she just brilliant at acting. And the ending WOW super brave. You would never get an ending like that from a major studio. I cannot say enough good about this movie. Bonus was the unique cultural things like the city view and the tourist traps. I have no way of knowing how authentic it was, but it seemed real. The whole movie could have been anywhere in the world and been just as interesting. One of my favorite lines. "Your last name is Rosenburg could you be any more Jewish?" Again loved it.

Eric H (it) wrote: Great Movie! This Movie is a lighthearted and fun for a horror movie! Isn't for kids but sorta has the vibe of a Harry Potter movie. I don't want to give away too much but this one starts out as a crime thriller and then Morphs into something.... else!

Matthew L (ca) wrote: Yet another monster shark movie with said beasty out of its natural enviroment. Not quite as much fun as it should be, but with a game cast of has-beens and also-rans there is some fun to be had watching this, ignore the Sy-Fy channel level of special effects the dodgy acting and dialogue grab a few beers and just enjoy.

Dom L (br) wrote: It was horrible. They never explain why the killer did any of it, they didnt imply it anywhere, he had no motive. At the end with the police looking at the atm videos, they only showed parts that made the good guy act like a villain, not the parts of them sitting there talking to each other. Or them writing help on the window, or them kissing... horrible movie.

Kati V (fr) wrote: ...the title says it all...

Pete S (nl) wrote: This movie has some really interesting moments but is a bit all over the place.

Zachary L (br) wrote: "The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen" - this interesting documentary looks at the people behind the scenes responsible for making Hong Kong films what they are today. Some interesting insights which you may already know if you've seen any of the Jackie Chan documentaries but informative nonetheless. This film mixes documentary with a cheesy action film at the same time, showing how they're filming a stunt and then the actual movie itself. I enjoyed the interviews with the actual stuntmen showing their challenges in life, as well as former stuntmen such as the great Sammo Hung himself. Recommended viewing for anyone really interested in the Hong Kong film industry but not for everyone by a long shot.

Sameer P (mx) wrote: What can I say? TV movies are getting better than the big screen ones. One word about this one. BEAUTIFUL. I'll spell it B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!That's how good it is.

Dustin D (ca) wrote: The Vanishing is as twisted as it is brilliant. Not recommended if there is anyone you love in your life.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: Very disappointing sequel that is best avoided.

Damon R (it) wrote: My idea of a good time.

Alex S (gb) wrote: It certainly foreshadows what came of Malle's cinematic style, but in this one the good performances and excellent script can't completely make up for the cliched love story and underwhelming conflicts.

Jason K (ca) wrote: Has the Heart And soul Of pre-2009 SpongeBob

Jason T (kr) wrote: Those hoping for something in the line of Shaun of the dead or Zombieland will be greatly disappointed by this movie. First of all it takes way too long for the zombies to appear on screen and most of the characters are unlikable and you actually hope they get eaten. The movie is filled with juvenile gross out jokes and over-the-top gore. Zombie fans just stick with Zombieland or Shaun of the dead and forget this missed effort.

Dinesh P (us) wrote: a sweet film about the girls going on camping and coming together. A lot of dose of Christianity finds its way in the script but stll worth a watch. .