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scott m (fr) wrote: Going into the theatre last night, I wasn't sure of what to expect. With the names tied to the film, I naturally thought "slasher" film faceoff with a high gore factor. I was pleasantly taken in a different direction entirely and, let me tell you, the ride was incredible! I would categorize this film as a rich, well-built and suspenseful, ghost story. It was like sinking into quicksand, but in a good way. At first, the situation seems familiar and easily dealt with, but as the story unfolds and the characters sink into your mind, you find yourself being sucked in and increasingly unsettled by your surroundings. By the point in the film when all hell breaks loose and the cards are all on the table, you are on the edge of your seat, gripping the chair and enjoying the ride. You may notice that I'm not spilling a lot about the actual story, but this is a film you'll want to see without spoilers or a clear breakdown of plot, so you're getting nothing from me!I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the build of this film. It is rare that you see a story structured this well. It is a fresh departure from the Hollywood formula that often leaves the viewer two steps ahead of the movie. I was taken along with the story, not the other way around, and it was fun.The performances were spot on with each performer uniquely suited to their role. For example, Muse Watson is solid as the fading head of the family with a violent past and numerous demons in his closet. Who better to compliment this than Mane as the son who is now the alpha male in the house, capable of going down the same abusive road (and perhaps a hair away from doing so), but fighting the urges to continue making the same mistakes as his father. And who better to threaten these two powerhouses than the menacing figure of Derek Mears. This type of past/present reflection is also seen wonderfully in the characters portrayed by Leslie Easterbrook as the weary step-mother and Renae Geerlings, as the son's fianc, as they explore exactly what being a part of the family truly means. Acting was grounded and sincere with a script that tapped into a natural dialog in spite of the supernatural circumstances in the story. To point out shining spots would be to name everyone in the cast. Is it perfection? No, but even the imperfections seems a bit crafted. Any wooden or awkward interactions to be found happen within the first 15 minutes of the film, but seemed stylistic and purposeful. Like a slight-of-hand that sets the viewer up for one film, then rapidly pulls you to a place you don't expect. On a side note, it was great to see the actors in the film given an opportunity to stretch their skills beyond the "masks" we may be accustomed to them wearing. The fact that Mane was a major creative force on this production speaks volumes for his potential and leaves me looking forward to his next work.

Kade C (it) wrote: A very powerful and brutally executed film that shows how incredibly horrible American slavery truly was. Fantastic performances make this movie a realistic period piece showing but a glimpse into America's horrendous past.

Sarfara A (mx) wrote: The Love of the Hawthorn Tree () Chinese film by the Chinese director Zhang Yimou (Raise The Red Lantern). Adapted from Hawthorn Tree Forever by Ai Mi, which was itself based on a true story that took place during the Cultural Revolution. Set in 60s-70s 'Cultural Revolution' in China, plot takes place in a tiny village in China. A story about true-love between a school student Jin and a young boy named San. Jin arrives with a group in Xiping village, where the group receives learning about a hawthorn tree called the Tree of Heroes which was nourished by the blood of Chinese martyrs executed by the Japanese during World War II. Jin lives with a family in a village, and stumbles upon a geology student Sun. Jin is impressed with his honesty, meekness and respectful behavior toward her. The two young people suffer traditional barriers, and political-turmoils - yet they go around to experience joy of love and life. The movie was recommended to me by my elder brother. I couldn't wait to see this. When I started playing the film. It drew me closer to its warm story, and tender romance between two sweet characters divided by traditions and political environment. This is enticing film, and inspiring (in terms of hardships felt by youths of todays).

Ally W (it) wrote: I thought Taryn was a decent actress, however her slurring really bothered me (Isn't a singer/songwriter supposed to be quite articulate?). This is your garden variety 'groupie thriller' kind of movie with little suspence. Most key characters were well-plyed out considering the lackluster plot, the base and the band manager especially. But the vocalist was so self-indulgent that by the end of the movie I'd rather him dead than alive. The flim was not terrible, but I bet most people have better things to do than to sit in front of this one. :-)

Fiona F (ca) wrote: Mixing of songs & crazy thoughts, laughs & tears

Divya P (gb) wrote: I know this is old, but I just had to review it. I love this film! In theory, it is such a stupid story and is nothing special (also, guys cheating on their wives should not be encouraged!) but their comedy performances are good, and I find I can rewatch this loads of times! catchy songs too...

Rasheed T (ru) wrote: I understand the story wouldn't make much sense if Jim Carrey's role was brought back without making it feel shallow or underdeveloped but Jamie Kennedy wasn't the actor to play the Carrey role! Son of the Mask is so far one of the top dumbest comedies I've ever seen!

Lee S (br) wrote: Moderately funny satirical look from the press's point of view of the England manager's job

Jake A (jp) wrote: Good cast, great stunts, some funny moments and looks great this is a fine piece of entertainment.

Sa W (ca) wrote: this movie's greatest sin is being so far ahead of its time. Were this released in the culture of 2007 rather than the days of 1997 when it was, it would be considered a cutting edge, innovative film in the vein of Crash (of which this film, to me, far outshines by comparison). A sneaky good film that's a great watch and certainly makes you think in light of current day events. watch it.

Griffin W (jp) wrote: Four shorts, all of them with different degrees of quality. I'll summarize my thoughts like this: The first short is dumb and out of place to the rest of them, the second one is forgettable and not very intense or funny, the third is actually charming, with good performances (even by the child actors, I guess Rodriguez just has a knack for directing children), and a good feel of comedic crescendo. The fourth was a bit long (even for a Tarantino movie) but it ended the movie with a great punch line. But overall, the movie is uneven in tone, it's only funny in the second half after two shorts that are too bad to sit through again, and it's just a mess. Four Rooms is "Sorta, Kinda, Meh..."

Damien K (mx) wrote: Beautiful and heart breaking, one of the best of its kind.

Ade A (us) wrote: Saw this for a class after watching a compelling documentary about it. While the documentary did the true events justice, the movie--and I rarely say this-- was abysmal.

Juan N (gb) wrote: Lindsay Lohan's most entertaining performance. She is undeniably charming. And her charm is enough to save the entire movie.

Momin K (es) wrote: The last of the independents!!!

Kyle A (ru) wrote: Thought it would be a lot better than it was, but still has some nice, tense moments.