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Dheem Thariktia Thom


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M W (ru) wrote: New sub-genre: Womyn's Science Fiction.

Natacia K (es) wrote: Not a fan. This film was totally dry without a single unique characteristic.

bill k (br) wrote: What an uninteresting, banal and shallow bunch of people. It was fascinating to see how they (and the campaign) self-destructed. The film as a documentary was a huge bore. It was like watching paint dry.

Miranda J (ca) wrote: DOES IT LOOOK LIKE I CARE?!

Mo C (kr) wrote: If a movie isn't funny at 4 a.m, it's not funny!!

Nikolai E (es) wrote: One of the best zero-budget, no-talent, direct-to-video monster movie cash-ins I've ever forced myself to sit through. It's clearly horrible, and I would never claim otherwise, but in its particular genre, it's a star. Blood, sex, and memorably ridiculous characters. The one thing that brings it down is the lead actress' clear aversion to nudity.

Pat E (us) wrote: One of the most moving stories ever! sniff.....

K B (ag) wrote: drama horror wickeddddddd

Sean C (gb) wrote: One of my favorites!

Elise C (kr) wrote: So, I watched this film, but I can't say I enjoyed it much. It's pretty soul crushing and at times disturbing. It had some funny moments, but it was mostly an uncomfortable experience. I can relate to the awkwardness, but I had a hard time sympathizing with Dawn at times.

Lucas M (kr) wrote: Com toda certeza o pior filme da s (C)rie A Pantera Cor de Rosa.

Steve S (au) wrote: Fine film about people on the fringes of the world. That world, however, is lost to almost everyone else. "Bagdad Cafe" shows us rich characterization among the desolate landscape. It should be sought out.

Thomas W (au) wrote: Melville is incomparable. Fucking great stuff.

Tina K (ru) wrote: The oldies are the best

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A frenetic electro-rockish sci-fi zombie movie that focuses more on its intriguing mystery than on the scares, especially during the well-paced first act. The sets have a nice video game look and the result is not only better due to the atrocious CGI of the genetic mutated viral creature.

Auden C (nl) wrote: Look, the accents are terrible but so what?! This movie is probably one of the most entertaining of the '90's!

Jack T (ru) wrote: Wow. Please tell me this gets better.

Carlos Z (ag) wrote: Good love story, but the ending is anticlimactic