Dhoom: 3

Dhoom: 3

Jai and Ali return to catch the clown thief, Sahir, who has the City of Chicago captive. It's an unconventional battle of revenge that will thrill you.

To avenge his father's death, a circus entertainer trained in magic and acrobatics turns thief to take down a corrupt bank in Chicago. Two cops from Mumbai are assigned to the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yash B (nl) wrote: SPECIAL 1000TH FLIXSTER REVIEW! I would like to begin this review with a story. Back when I was discovering my passion for movies early in high school, I remember exploring many reviewers and film critics and coming across Roger Ebert's reviews. The way he wrote about movies instantly spoke to me. He was honest about his opinion and didn't care if everyone else hated or loved the film he was reviewing. He was also big on considering the audience when reviewing a film which many critics might forget to do. I fell in love with every review I read written by him, whether I agreed or not. He was truly an inspiration. Then one day he passed away, and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was April 4, 2013. I was being inducted into the National Honor Society in my high school, so I should have been excited, but hours before the ceremony, I discovered someone who had inspired me and taught me so much was gone. It was a tough day for me but after viewing this film, I'm glad he didn't have to suffer any longer.No onto what I thought about this film. This is a masterful documentary. It is deeply moving and truly a celebration of Ebert's life. I might be biased since I am so fascinated by him and his passion for film. It's emotionally draining at times, but it shows him as a man who always looked on the bright side of things. It touched me that someone in his condition who couldn't even physically speak anymore fought hard to keep pursuing what he loved, watching and writing about films. If you are passionate about movies, or film criticism, you have to see this movie. It's one that will break your heart but will also make you feel a kind of hope you don't feel often. Roger Ebert might have been the biggest influence I've had in my life, and this movie just solidified that for me. A great film about an incredible individual, the best documentary I've seen so far.

Laurent M (us) wrote: The story and the lover lines between this bartender and his beloved fishvendor could sound lame and tired.But there are the colorful lines, the irascible characters, the inimitable taste & ambiance of the Vieux Port, the smell of the colonial Marseilles that make it an instant, timeless and such emotional Provencal classic.

Lissa K (us) wrote: Terribly boring and completely overrated.

Hugo G (jp) wrote: 7.6/10About Elly was an interesting movie but to me the mystery wasn't that over the top as I expected, but it felt more about the others and how they reacted to this situation, which was also good. That being said, this movie was about human reactions to an alarming situation, and that worked but not 100% to me. However, the performances were really good and were probably the reason of why the movie was compelling and how real it felt. ~August 8, 2015~

Steven L (jp) wrote: "If I didn't play drums as hard as I can, I'm gonna kill someone."If you want to see Iraq and The Middle East through your own eyes, or your friend from school's, or that one guy you chatted up at a show once, and not through the eyes of the likes of Anderson Cooper, then this is a good place to start.This isn't a "woe is me" documentary, it's a "this is how it is and we deal" doc. (though the final five minutes or so of the film is a real downer)I bet if I popped in Metallica's "Some Kind Of Monster" right after this there is no way I make it through it.

Spencer H (ag) wrote: Valkyrie is a boring historical film, with boring characters, and a boring story.I know what happens even before I start this film.

Ivan C (ag) wrote: it was gnarly man, taking a ride on the avalanche.

Gary L (gb) wrote: ???"??????????,??????"haha

m n (au) wrote: Great comedy by Larry David that had characteristics from his sitcom though unfortunately not as funny. The Friends spoof was great though

Ashley M (ru) wrote: WTF... I love this movie... tripping without having to actually trip...

Donna R (br) wrote: i love love love this, almost as much as l.a. confidential. he smiles in this one!!!

Jan B (br) wrote: This film really scared me when I was little!!!

Red L (br) wrote: It is interesting how wealthy 18th century aristocrats spend their time and efforts. It is funny; whenever I see a film from this era, instead of enjoying the stories of the aristocrats, I wonder about the lives of the common people who play the instruments or prepare the meals or wait on those rich.

Arnaud L (us) wrote: Very campy and, unfortunately, very boring

Paul C (ca) wrote: All the heroes were utterly unlikable and the complete lack of security for an event with all the top brass was ridiculous but Christoph Waltz was utterly fantastic. Such menace and danger behind such charming mannerisms...Even if he does appear to be a naive idiot at the end.