Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge!

Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge!

A hitman, an evil priest, two thieves, college students, et al gather at a hotel to witness the auction of a priceless diamond.

A hitman, an evil priest, two thieves, college students, et al gather at a hotel to witness the auction of a priceless diamond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JohnnyLee T (fr) wrote: Masterful. Gordon-Levitt is GREAT. Story consistently compelling. Especially liked Stone's handling of 2 scenes: Snowden's collapse in the kitchen whilst dishing up the pasta, and then when he takes Lindsay out on to the patio to tell her he believes the house is bugged. Just some good directorial work I thought. And even though we know the outcome, Stone makes the scene in which Snowden copies the files (and they fall to the floor!) tense.

Atif N (es) wrote: Excellent story and direction. Must watch.

Scott B (jp) wrote: Takes a little while to find its feet, but if you're patient enough there's a good, solid thriller ahead. Mostly works because of Brady Corbet's chilling performance, but there's more to see here than that. Good ending too. Overall dug the film, 7/10

Wes S (nl) wrote: A novelty film, the novelty being seeing all of these great action stars together in one big action film. Unfortunately, most of them are past their prime, and it's hard to share the spotlight. The action is great, but it just isn't enough to carry the film this time. The characters and plot just aren't developed enough.

Patrick E (ag) wrote: Black Swarm is an average creature feature starring the king of horror Robert Englund as a mad scientists who genetically engineers a swarm of wasps to create a new military weapon. In typical B-Movie fashion he has a revelation and decides to destroy what he has created but all a little too late.What makes Black Swarm slightly different to hundreds of other killer insect films is that the wasps are parasitic and once inside a human host they turn the human into a zombie like creatre, i.e. a drone wasp. This idea actually creates a reasonable amount of tension at the start of the film as we see more and more people becoming hosts. Sadly though, other than this one bit of originality the film is entirely made up of cliches, right down to the utterly pointless twist and and the incredibly stupid military plot. Still though it manages to be entertaining enough which is mostly down to England thanks to his wonderfully over the top performance as the mad scientist. The other acting is passable and the CG effects are above average for a TV film. What Black Swarm lacks is action, there simply isn't enough screen time for the wasps. Instead we are treated to too many shots of mindless drones walking about town which no one seems to notice. Characters also have the amazing ability to know who has been killed despite not being anywhere near the killing, a stupid final revelation, idiotic military personnel, disappearing helicopters and plenty of other goofs.Still you have to give credit for at least attempting to create a fresh spin on a very tired genre and interesting first and final acts. It's the middle section that slows the story down and gets a little too ridiculous. If you urn your brain off and just enjoy England hamming it up then there is entertainment to be found here just expect to laugh at how stupid it all is.

aiden t (br) wrote: Much like Death Proof, this stand alone version is a much better, more complete film.

Blair W (kr) wrote: One of his best American films! Good mix of romance, comedy and action.

Bradley W (ru) wrote: Only the great Kubrick could take a sex story, and make you forget that anyone in it even had sex. A fabulous swan song for perhaps the most unique filmmaker of all time. Absolutely brilliant

Daimhin C (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies ever! How can you not LOVE THAT?? Hahaha! Seriously, I gave it a terrible review which it fully deserves, but I had a great time watching it.

Aya V (fr) wrote: After watching Non-Stop I felt like rewatching some great flight films! There should be more films with Wesley Snipes in them!

Adam M (jp) wrote: Well shift my paradigm !

Brad S (de) wrote: This is a highly entertaining sequel to Kurosawa's "Yojimbo", and yet another classic entry in the Samurai genre. This one is shorter, funnier and more quickly paced than it's predecessor making for a fun and easy watch. Toshiro Mifune is back, and great as ever. Highly recommended!

Private U (es) wrote: this is a great paulette goddard and john wayne film about the West Indies Shipping/Trade Company and a plot to sink a ship on purpose. This was one of the first Hollywood films Wayne starred in and actually used special graphics for the Giant Squid battle scene...I won't spoil the end of the movie..check it out!

Rui P (mx) wrote: The bad: Ben Affleck - Boring performance. Ginnifer Goodwin - Annoying character. The bad: Ben Affleck - Boring performance. Ginnifer Goodwin - Annoying character. Justin Long - Can't stand him in any movies. The good: Jennifer Connelly - Loved her performance. Her rage after discovering her husband was lying all along was brilliant. Jennifer Aniston - Nice character. Drew Barrymore - Duh, no one can resit Drew's charms. An uneven tone and pace of a boring plot. Waste of a talented cast.

Rangan R (jp) wrote: I grew up watching the 90s 'Little Rascals'. That was one of my childhood favorites besides many others. After 20 years, I think I still love that movie a lot. I guess I need to re-watch. So I wondered about this new version how good it could be. It was not a sequel or remake, but kind of reboot movie. Almost all the characters looked similar to the 94's except a couple of were missing. I have not seen the older versions, so no reason to drag them in here. Since I am a fan of the 90s' expected this new movie. After watching it, I came to know why it directly released in home videos. The movie was not good. The kids were alright, but it was the poorly written story. Just like it was written for the television audience. The story revolves around a bunch of neighborhood children. While preparing for the summer adventures they come to know that the shop being shut down, which is attached to their tree house due to the bank dept. They keep away their plans and begin to raise money. How they are going to accomplish their goal was what told is the series of comedic events.''Nobody ever got richworking for somebody else.'' Was not an exciting movie. Half of the movie was boring and another half was so good. Overall, kind of stands between good and bad, an average movie we can say. Hope kids will love it more than adults. If you are not familiar with earlier versions, there is a chance that you could enjoy it. Anyway, I just thought it was the children's version of the movie 'Three Stooges'. I mean looks fun while a watch, but afterwards makes you think what did I saw kind of expression. Believe me it is not worth. If, since you decided, not a bad idea for once.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. It hit pretty close to home for me in a lot of ways so I found it kind of inspiring.

WS W (kr) wrote: Self-absorbing & unconvincing.