Di xia bing gong chang

Di xia bing gong chang


Hong Kong policewoman Yeung (Cynthia Khan) teams up with Taiwanese (Waise Lee) and Mainland (Do Siu-Chun) officers to take down a gunrunning ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Auli H (us) wrote: Slow and mysterious, just as days in Savannah. Was about time I watched this (bought the dvd in Savannah in 2010)

Rex A (us) wrote: Andrew FREAKING Scott. Anything else need to be said? Nope. Didn't think so.

Dan S (mx) wrote: not sure what I thought of the film.

Adesh P (de) wrote: It ranges from excruciatingly wierd to painfully silly and always borders on being boring and unbelievable. When we saw Catherine Zeta Jones in No reservations atleast we believed that she was a master chef, we believed in the sights and sounds of the kitchen, we believed in the chefs who worked there and their camaraderie but here none of that happens and the sub plot of those in the kitchen just remains bizzare- trying too hard to be funny and smart. But if at all there is any similarity between these two movies then may be the fact that both are lost opportunities. There are ideas here but no concrete results or any direction. Its a mess. Bad editing choices, lazy camera work and poor sound spoil it further. In such films you always have a character who shows the way to the wandering couples and helps them unite, here a terminally ill child has been used as that device- which does bring some emotional resonance to it yet it never rises up, on any occassion, to something meaningful or poignant enough. In the very first scene Tabu complains of sugar in zafrani pulao but what she should really have complained about was excessive spoon feeding which was to follow continously. We have our hands and we do have a way with our spoons and guess what? We even know know where our mouth is. They only had to serve a dish. The manual was never required.

Stephy M (us) wrote: before sunrise?not quite ....im really not sure of this movie..

Scott C (ca) wrote: Ultra stupid. I hate Dennis Rodman.

Andrew U (nl) wrote: A minor work by Fellini but it was great to see Marcello Mastroianni and Giulietta Masina in their later years.

Antin Sen M (ag) wrote: not a great movie but in context, that is watched on a sunday afternoon after a boozy weekend, entertaining

Andr D (ca) wrote: Situada en la Irlanda de los aos 20, esta pelcula dirigida por del prestigioso director Ken Loach (ganador de la Palma de Oro en Cannes por "The Wind That Shakes The Barley") cuenta la historia de Jimmy Gralton (un carismtico Barry Ward), un hombre que vuelve a su hogar despus de 10 aos de exilio en Nueva York, para reabrir un gran saln comunitario para que las personas de su poblado puedan bailar, leer y compartir juntas. El problema radica en que el sacerdote del poblado se opone a la idea, la cual se ve como las intenciones perversas de un comunista. La denuncia y el sesgo poltico, una constante en el cine de Loach, est ms que presente en "Jimmy's Hall", pero tambin est ah la humanidad de sus personajes y la delicadeza del tratamiento del tema. En estos tiempos de fanatismo poltico y religioso, "Jimmy's Hall" es una pelcula importante y pertinente, pero tambin es un retrato de poca evocador y bello.

Jerrod N (br) wrote: this was alright wait till it comes out on dvd

chris f (ru) wrote: "Found Footage" Don't waste your time. This movie is awful and lacks to tell a genuine story. The film brings little to no fear factor. 1 star...