A young civil war veteran is forced on a desperate journey to save his kidnapped wife.

Diablo follows Jackson, a troubled Civil War veteran whose wife is kidnapped. Jackson embarks on a long journey to recover his wife and encounters several people along the way, some foes and some old friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Diablo torrent reviews

Johanna J (jp) wrote: not a bad movie and they tried to throw a lil curve ball at ya in the end.

Al M (es) wrote: Takashi Miike's original wasn't great--this remake proves even more tiresome and derivative despite some decently creepy imagery....

Amirhossein K (fr) wrote: it might be an awful movie , but i have my best memory while i was watching this movie P.S. try to watch this on ur first date :))))

Paul C (ca) wrote: This is a nice little film. Not the typical gore fest you are use to seeing with Takashi Miike. The camera angles and shots in the film were excellent and the scenery was overall just beautiful. The story was nice and solid, but not filmed so. The movie is VERY low key and at many times boring. It was missing some excellent. There were a few scenes that kept you interested to wait till the end, but overall, the film was just too easy going. Renji Ishibashi played a Yakuza member was good, but annoying at parts. Masahiro Motoki was also pretty good playing his part as the business man trapped in this strange village. Some side characters were played by Mako, who added a little comic relief and Li Li Wang who plays a young girl with a haunting voice that sings a strange song that Masahiro Motoki needs to translate. So It is a decent Miike film, but not one of his best.

marvyn R (jp) wrote: One of my all time favs . Nelson and brooks are hilarious definitely keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seats

Dolf S (kr) wrote: Soviet politie inspecteur maakt jacht op seriemoordenaar. Dit wordt als kapstok gebruikt om het disfunctioneren van het communistische systeem te laten zien. Gelukkig komt alles goed nadat er voor wordt gekozen om het op zijn Amerikaans aan te pakken. Mede dankzij Donald Sutherland is dit toch een aardige film geworden.

Danny R (ag) wrote: Paul Marzursky's slick hysterically funny satire about a disconsolate street vagrant, Jerry Baskin, played terrifically by Nick Nolte, who tries to commit suicide by jumping into the pool of a neurotic, nouveau-riche Beverly Hills family, he his rescued by the owner of the mansion, Dave Whiteman, played marvelously by Richard Dreyfuss, who invites him to stay at his home and get himself together, Dave's self-centered wife Barbara, played by wonderfully by Bette Midler is not crazy about that idea, and Jerry starts making serious changes to the entire household and begins to taking over their mixed up lives. Expertly directed by the late Marzursky, with exceptional supporting performances by little Richard, Tacy Nelson, Elizabeth Pena, Evan Richards, and the scene-stealing family dog, Matisse, played Mike, the Dog. A truly memorable 80s hit comic gem. Highly Recommended.

Ivan N (br) wrote: Previous to World War I, two long-time friends named Jules and Jim (Oskar Werner & Henri Serre) meet Catherine (Jeanne Moreau), an impulsive woman, who at first starts going out with Jules, and later lusting for Jim. The trio is inseparable, but what starts as a playful relationship between the three winds up getting a bit more complicated. Based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roche of the same name, Jules & Jim is a love triangle for the ages and one of Francois Truffaut's finest films.

Blais E (de) wrote: Maniacal, scattershot, kinetically-paced, musical-comedy featuring the totally-bonkers comic duo Olsen & Johnson. Frameworked by the thinnest of plots, this is just an excuse to string together a huge heap of some of their most hysterical gags & bits along with some wildly raucous musical numbers by the one-and-only Martha Raye. The always bewildered-looking Hugh Herbert really scores as an inept & constantly disguise-changing detective, and even Shemp Howard appears as a movie projectionist! O and J are an acquired taste, but if you enjoy the Marx Brothers, Abbott & Costello, or the Three Stooges, you won't go wrong here!

Brian K (ag) wrote: A layered, complex and stunningly realized action epic. It's certainly among the strongest samurai films ever put to film.

Cornell W (fr) wrote: They tried but fell short.

Chint (us) wrote: Whatever you do, do not look inside ... just skip this movie lol