"Using the same, three times repeating dialogue – dramatic conversation between man and woman – Jerzy Skolimowski from Poland, Slovak director Peter Solan and Czech director Zbynìk Brynych shot three different stories. The result was an extraordinary experiment in the world cinema, which we can call an insight in the relationships of men and women of different age groups, an analysis of love and marriage of those who are at the beginning, in the middle or going towards the end of their life."

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Dialogue torrent reviews

Jacob S (ag) wrote: By far the worst Bourne movie. Felt like it tried too hard

Arun D (gb) wrote: Another gr8 flick by Sudhir Mishra. Cast is amazing, Acting is superb and direction is awesome.The use of flashback is very innovative it will make u to appreciate the artistry the director used. With its many unpredictable twists and a climax that some might take with a pinch of salt.dialogues is awesome..sum slang language and local language \m/music is top class

Reece L (us) wrote: Startling original and endlessly thought-provoking, "Dogtooth" is a modern masterpiece that raises questions about the validity of societal mores, human nature, and isolation.

Rj M (mx) wrote: utterly ridiculous! but great watch for Akki, Saif and WHOAor Kareena K.. she is even prettier in person! Great great songs! amzaingly shot

Dr F P (us) wrote: I'm disgusted that i actually watched this all the way through. I'm not a big fan of Chris O'Dowd at all and I feel totally alienated from this culture.

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: The editing, and the dialogues unnecessarily, over complicate the movie. That is one of the reasons why this film was so hard to understand and boring. For example, the jump-cuts and lack of a bit exposition for the normal movie-goers. I've watched a bunch of sci-fi movies, even the masterpieces, but all of them explain what's going on a bit, or just make it so, you understand it, just by watching the movie, but this doesn't do that. The character development was bad, but it's okay since the movie is a small one. Even if you put aside the lack of exposition, character development, or explanation and editing, this movie is boring, plain-out boring, not interesting for me or entertaining and despite its run-time I was happy it ended and was checking how many minutes were left every five minutes. If you have patience, love watching really slow movies, and just want to watch something you might, just might like this movie and sit through it.

Bengel W (ca) wrote: A snazzy 50s style, sets this off to a great start with music to match. Mostly a cheeky look at the 50s TV shows that works for its unusual and quirky view. Music is a lot of fun all the way through adding to the costumes with wit and charm. Dancing and the singing add a depth to the laughter that will have you rolling around on a rug. A divine film for fans of the 50s era. Nibbles: White Cow Milkshake.

Alan P (jp) wrote: Mike Judge's humor in this movie is more sly and less crude than in his usual works, a fine movie to be enjoyed by office workers everywhere.

Spermian J (mx) wrote: Near classic that makes one wish the same filmmakers had adapted more books for sequels.

Seth M (ru) wrote: My first Jodorowsky and I can not wait to see more. It was weird and twisted, I really enjoyed this movie.

James M (ag) wrote: More toilet humour, no better nor worse than the other Carry On's.

Orlok W (es) wrote: 12,000 workers pass through the 'EMPLOYEES' ENTRANCE' of Franklin Monroe & Co., the world's largest department store. Hounded & harried by their merciless management, they have produced a superior retail establishment. However, the cost in broken hearts & lives has been tremendous, as greed & ambition struggle for control of the entire corporation... This is a remarkable little movie--It has a bad guy that you actually have to like. Most of the story is spent setting him up as a conventional villain, a ruthless guy who capriciously ruins lives. A hateful, selfish man, arrogant and exploitative... Hugely entertaining. Enjoyable throughout-True today as ever!!