Dialogues of Exiles

Dialogues of Exiles

Chilean exiles in Paris discuss the problems facing them in the early years of the Pinochet regime. They kidnap and attempt to reeducate a touring singer from their homeland.

Chilean exiles in Paris discuss the problems facing them. They kidnap and attempt to re-educate a touring singer from their fatherland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike H (kr) wrote: (originally written after a screnning at SXSW 2007) one of the best documentaries ever made - period. We had the privilege of seeing this amazing documentary with the subjects of the film in attendance -also seeing it for the first time. This is a fresh look at the Holocaust wrapped around a timeless love story that will leave you in tears of both varieties. I'll steal the synopsis straight from the film's website: 1943; Holland is under total Nazi occupation. In Amsterdam, Jack, an unassuming accountant, first meets Ina at a birthday party ?? a 20 year old beauty from a wealthy diamond manufacturing family who instantly steals his heart. But Jack's pursuit of love will be complicated; he is poor and married to Manja, a flirtatious and mercurial spouse. When the Jews are being deported, the husband, the wife and the lover find themselves at the same concentration camp; actually living in the same barracks. When Jack's wife objects to the "girlfriend" in spite of their unhappy marriage, Jack and Ina resort to writing secret love letters, which sustain them throughout the horrible circumstances of the war. Jack: "I'm a very special Holocaust survivor. I was in the camps with my wife and my girlfriend; and believe me, it wasn't easy." Jack and Ina both got up and spoke afterward and at 90+ years, the man is still as charming as ever and she is still as beautiful - you'd never think you'd ever seen two people more meant for each other body and soul. Keep an eye out for this one if it plays locally or when it hits cable - and it will - and get out the Kleenex cause you'll need it

S G (fr) wrote: I am also a fan of Gram Parsons, a father of roots rock music. Johnny Knoxville turns in his best role as Parson's road "mangler". Also, Michael Shannon shines in this movie. Also starring the talented and lovely Christina Applegate.

Tania P (de) wrote: Muy curiosa, me llama la atencin cmo se focalizan las historias de los diversos personajes que conforman la trama histrica.Desde mi punto de vista gana muchos puntos por no ser nada pretenciosa.

Michael M (ca) wrote: This is an excellent movie you've probably forgotten about. Give it another watch. Great flick and Ice Cube disables a chopper with an exploding nerf football.

Ryan N (fr) wrote: Despite the fact that Phillips is a terrible narrator the film was interesting. More like like a car crash than a history lesson. More laughable than shocking, when you get to see how pathetic frats are. Not really anything you couldn't think up because you're probably smarter than a frat boy.

Kara B (nl) wrote: This movie has a lesson behind it. That u shouldn't have kids when ur not even married. You should wait 2 have kids. This movie was really good!

Sam M (es) wrote: A somewhat worthy sequel to a cinamatic masterpiece. A more mean spirited and even darker film than even the original, yet retains non of the irony or satire. It's more of a parody of the previous film with almost the exact same plot. 6 out'ta 10

Saad C (es) wrote: This movie was really sad. The plot did seem to break the trend of the heavy disco influence of Indian movies made in the 80s and focused more on two people in love but from families that hate each other. Overall, Juhi and Aamir were a good pair and acted well, and the storyline was good but it just was depressing when it ended... very influenced from the legend Romeo and Juliet, but more of a modern twist. Also, Ae Mere Humsafar was a really good hit song from the movie! Overall, this movie broke from the 80s trend and began the more romantic/drama stories.

Allan C (gb) wrote: One of Bob Hope's terrible later career films. He plays a single dad who finds a $10,000 and coincidentally gets accused of embezzling money from his bank clerk job. Bob then decides the best course of action, based on advice from his kids nanny, Phyllis Diller, is to take his brood of children on the run and to clear his name. Bob dons lots of disguised and personas and not much of it is funny. What made his old films funny was never the stories, but were Bob's quick one liners, that were almost always more for the audience than the other characters. Bob still does some one liners, but there' snot that funny and they are nowhere as rapid fire as they were in his better films. Also, there's an annoying amount of saccharine sweet sentimentality in the film. Jonathan Winters is sadly part of this mess, as are Bond girls Shirley Eaton (who we're somehow supposed to believe is Bob's girlfriend) and Jill St. John. Not quite unwatchable, but pretty close.

william m (de) wrote: An engaging thriller with an unconventional resolution.