A mysterious phone. A missing lawyer. An abandoned warehouse. They all help tell a story about Greg Pleasant, a Seattle lawyer who's held back from leading the dynamic life Christ wants him to live because he fears man's opinion of him more than God's. After Greg loses the control he believes he has over his life, an odd client tells him about an old phone that calls back into the past. When faced with the ultimate wake up call, how will he answer? How will you?

A mysterious phone. A missing lawyer. An abandoned warehouse. They all help tell a story about Greg Pleasant, a Seattle lawyer who's held back from leading the dynamic life Christ wants him... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (au) wrote: Great inside to the group thats pretty much done everything that I love that didn't involve Stan Winston.

Giti R (us) wrote: Very Funny movie, loved it

Angelica S (ca) wrote: Unscary. Poor edited. You can see the boom mic. HA!

Mattias E (ag) wrote: Able scriptwriter James Yuen directs his own manuscript. For a character-driven drama, Heavenly Mission is a rather shallow deal. I blame Ekin Chen and Stephen Fung. Alex Fong seems to me the only actor in this unholy trinity adding some depth to his character.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Terrifying. For all of its lowfi qualities, it's actually the really effective and tense thriller. Especially the night scenes.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: Almost as dull as it sounds

Jason A (ru) wrote: An alcoholic and his estranged, cokehead daughter attempt to complete a road trip to see the family's matriarch on her deathbed in this raw European counterpart to LEAVING LAS VEGAS. Bleak and depressing, but genuinely moving and astonishingly well-acted.

Jason A (br) wrote: HAHAHAHAHA! Probably the worst movie ever made! But you know I loved it.

Gordon B (it) wrote: Whatever happened to Rick Moranis? I miss him. His Dark Helmet is still the funniest thing about this Mel Brooks spoof of sci-fi films. Even though all the jokes don't land, I still get a big laugh out of the part where Moranis he goes flying through the air after he sends the ship into ludicrous speed.

Private U (de) wrote: *Very* good film. Shows how bad amiercans were to the indians. Jimmy Stewart shows up for about 20 minutes. I'm a big Jimmy Stewart fan, so that's how I was introduced to the film. It's amazing how Americans treated the indians. They treated them as if they were not humans. Very sad, but historically accurate.

Dan K (nl) wrote: Malle hypnotizes me with his ability to make the mundane noteworthy. He has various tricks; one easy-to-explain example in this movie is when the guy goes to the bar to answer the telephone call, he passes the restaurant crowd for just one second, but they're all frozen. You're like, what? But there's so much of it, it doesn't stand out like that. The attention to detail doesn't just make you think, kinda removes you and puts you in his depressed mind.

Andy P (au) wrote: This movie was loosely based on author Donald Miller's life experience, having moved from Houston and his conservative Christian upbringing and going to liberal Reed College in Portland. I like movies that get me to think about things, life, etc. (just as the movie Crash did for me). After reading one of Miller's books a few years ago (Searching for God Knows What), I had a somewhat high expectation. Miller's writings don't exactly lend themselves to a "straight to screenplay" path, so they altered it to fit a typical beginning, middle and end. Fair enough. The story contains some of Miller's incredible humor and thought-provoking life questions in an unconventionally Christian sort of way. Yes, he is a Christian who has intriguing insight to the human condition and challenges conventional faith answers to deep questions of our existence. At one point in the story, he tends toward questions that have no resolution.Frankly, I liked that. We Christians have a high confidence of thinking we know all the answers. Yes, when it comes to personal salvation (in my mind / heart). However, life is messy and we may not exactly have the answers we think are necessary to help others (or ourselves) through. Having said that, something was missing. But I couldn't put a finger on it until I watched the special features. They intentionally wanted to avoid an "average guy" living an "average Christian life" and have him go to an "average school". Consequently, the accelerated the extremes by making it seem like he was from an ultra-conservative Christian family / church and went to a "godless" liberal arts school -- with all of the paganism anyone could bear to watch and still maintain its PG-13 status. It made my experience at liberal arts Washington State University almost seemed like a Bible school experience (which it was not). I don't think they needed to do that to make the points they tried to make in the movie. Possibly, rather than have it be linearly based on his own experience, he could make up a new story that incorporates some of the anecdotes in his books. It was a good movie, however, and it asks pointed questions. Plus, it had a fantastic soundtrack.

David G (mx) wrote: Explicit, over-the-top and thoroughly kicks ass!

Mark A (br) wrote: Meh! Could take it or leave it.

Brian B (es) wrote: Four stars hands down. This is who Ben Affleck is meant to be, not a f*cking Batman!

Zechariah S (de) wrote: Si ce n'est que c'est parfait.