Mystery about an ex-prizefighter who embarks on a journey to find 13 missing diamonds

Harry Agensky is a boxing champion but now he is a stroke victim. He is afraid in an old age home so he wants to have a trip to find missing dinamonds which he stashed in the past. He persuades successfully his son and grandson to take part in his plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Diamonds torrent reviews

Omac1985 (nl) wrote: Well I found the first film terrible and completely ignored the second, so part 3 I found in the opening scene to just be reaching for your attention by straight away showing you the nudity that all teen horrors have and then just trying to copy Nightmare On Elm Street in the worst possible way.

Rendan L (mx) wrote: Well paced, fun, and tightly controlled story. Sure to be a horror classic. Grade: A-

Jason E (ag) wrote: Painfully immature and juvenile, filled with wasted potential and plot threads that go nowhere. I do not understand how this movie is critically praised, but unlike some people, I am not just going to declare that it must be because Ghibli is sacred ground or some bullcrap like that. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing. That is always a distinct possibility. But, I still hate this movie.

Todd S (us) wrote: I suspect that many people didn't even make it past the first half hour of Backwoods, but thankfully the film does get somewhat better after that. The story begins very simply, with a group of computer geeks going on a corporate retreat in the woods. In typical horror movie fashion, they get lost on the way and ask for directions at a gas station. The man behind the counter, directs them to a closer and even better spot in the middle of nowhere and the games begin. Ultimately, the group stumbles on a fanatical religious cult, who mistake the group for FBI agents, because of course all FBI agents are out of shape, twenty-something, computer geeks, carrying paintball guns. From there it's a fight for survival and a race to escape the backwoods of Northern California. While the film does get better after the first half hour, it still has its problems. For starters, the story is far too unbelievable, no one would take advice from someone at the gas station who looked like that and even rednecks in the middle of nowhere aren't going to mistake a bunch of geeks playing paintball for FBI agents. As with most horror films, the cast is lead by two extremely good looking people, Ryan Merriman and Haylie Duff, who both give unexpected performances. Merriman is know for his fiery and inspirational roles in sports films and he should most definitely stick to those. He was way out of his league here, giving a really ridiculous and unbelievable portrayal. Merriman's done horror before, and even starred in one of the Final Destination movies, but he's clearly not right for this type of film. Haylie Duff on the other hand was terrific! She has really turned into a pretty good actress and is absolutely beautiful. Backwoods would not be my first choice for a horror film festival, even for it's genre it is unbelievable and assumes it's audience will be too dumb to pick up on it. The performances vary and the sequence is somewhat expected, although I did enjoy the ending. The verdict, Backwoods isn't terrible, but it's far from special, I'd only rent it if I liked one of the cast members or was a big fan of the genre.

Yiting S (us) wrote: rough story line though i enjoyed the court debate without understanding Hindi

Corey C (kr) wrote: Strange, dark and casually-paced thriller -- if you can even call it that -- in the mold of Malick (big surprise -- he's a producer). Quite unusual, but as with all of Green's films, with enough breathtaking moments to make it worthwhile. It's no SNOW ANGELS or PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, but it'll do.

Clayton J (ag) wrote: A really great Cheesefest from Italy

Kevin E (es) wrote: This was a very funny film that i had bought a while ago but had only just watched it recently. It made me laugh quite a bit and it was well worth watching. A good comedy which i enjoyed. Glad i have it in my dvd collection.

Sheryl W (fr) wrote: This is a wonderful biopic of Harvey Milk's life. I highly recommend watching it!

Dave S (kr) wrote: There have been several comedies about ghosts of ex-spouses, and this one is agreeable enough but not terribly memorable. Rex Harrison always seemed prematurely old and doesn't make much sense as a young man, Margaret Rutherford is nifty, and Kay Hammond is weirdly, confusingly prone to mumbling. The technicolor ghost has a cool, artificial look to it, though - it's like they're being haunted by the statue of liberty.