Diamonds of the Night

Diamonds of the Night

Diamonds in the night is the tense, brutal story of two Jewish boys who escape from a train transporting them from one concentration camp to another. Ultimately, they are hunted down by a group of old, armed home-guardists. The film goes beyond the themes of war and anti-Nazism and concerns itself with man's struggle to preserve human dignity.

Diamonds in the night is the tense, brutal story of two Jewish boys who escape from a train transporting them from one concentration camp to another. Ultimately, they are hunted down by a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (de) wrote: low budget EFX detract rather than enhance this end of the world pic

Felicia N (de) wrote: A good movie like this always can use the less words to express the most emotions.

Greg W (ru) wrote: good family drama lil long though

Hakeem J (fr) wrote: No matter where the tides of film take me, I keep coming back to A Tale of Two Sisters. A harrowingly haunting tale that stems deeper than what's on the screen.I pride myself in being able to figure out movies before they end, but this movie took me on a psychological thrill ride, and aggressively set me down for its grim finale. A tale of sisterhood, love, loss, and consequence. It pushes all the right buttons for those willing to tough it out and get to the end.

Private U (nl) wrote: Funny and good acting.

Facebook U (es) wrote: So damn interesting! Fresh, for sure!

Adam T (de) wrote: This would be a fairly routine British gangster movie were it not for some great performances (Ray Winston, Amanda Redman and especially Ben Kingsley). Kingsley's character is a truly villainous, intimidating and foul-mouthed thug who can ware down Winston by spitting vitriol at him until he agrees to do a job.

gary t (fr) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch...its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie...i think that jamie foxx, jake busey, nia long, barry corbin, eduardo yanez, john cullum, sam gifaldi, natalia cigliuti play good roles/parts throughout this movie....i think that the director of this romance/comedy/action/adventure movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie....its an enjoyable movie 2 watch n its a really good comedy movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie

Davis M (ru) wrote: I was surprised with this flick. It wasn't anything special but the performances, smooth transitions, and well integrated flash back (which i typically hate) charmed me over. You get to see some well done monologue thru characters telling stories which was fun. Didn't really catch anything too deep happening but it's worth a watch. Also: white guilt did not play a factor in this review.

Troy F (es) wrote: By the fifth movie of this ongoing series, you'd think it'd suck, especially at a lower budget and limited release, right? Not quite, Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey for the last time in this final 5th outing of the Death Wish series, and wow does he make for a great final act. It's very predictable, but I admire the cheap look to it and the action was better and less repetitive than the last few movies. But still, it was ok.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Man Trouble is a disappointing film. It is about a sleazy but affable guard dog trainer who is blackmailed to steal a manuscript for a tell-all book from one of his clients. Jack Nicholson and Ellen Barkin try to make this movie work. The script sucks and is not that well written. I am not familiar with some of Bob Rafelson other films and so I will refrain from commenting. I was disappointed after watching this motion picture. I would not recommend in seeing it.

Buffalo International F (ru) wrote: Filmed in Buffalo, NY

Zach M (nl) wrote: ''American Pop'' is one of those overlooked animations that nobody ever talks about and that's a real shame to me. American Pop is about eight decades of music from the 1910s' to the 1980s', when the movie was made, and it follows about eight generations of one particular family and how they had a connection to the music of their generation and at the same time, from good old jazz to swinging to rock and then finally to punk rock. The animation is very well-done and something you really don't see today, since most, to me, looks like something you could easily make on a computer using flash. No, this movie is hand-drawn and they actually used real actors and just redrew them on paper, which is still pretty unique, but it doesn't mean that it has its flaws. Some of the animation might be a bit bizarre to some people and I find myself laughing at some of it, like at the end there is this Elvis looking guy pointing at little Pete made me laugh at how still he was, but that doesn't mean the animation is very beautiful and always sticks to the style of that certain generation. The acting of this movie is superb and I love the voice acting of the actors themselves, even though some parts of it can be a little slightly over dramatic like when the character Tony gets angry he gets a bit over dramatic, especially when he talks about corn or Kansas, which now every time I eat corn I'll think about ''American Pop''. The music is very wonderful and I absolutely love it, its all the taste of music that I love. Classic Rock, Swing, Punk Rock, etc. and they do a marvelous job at the style of the music and the animation that goes with that certain generation of music. Like with the 60s' we have a kind of ''psychedelic'' animation vibe to it or in the 80s' we have a bit of a ''punk'' feel to the animation and that's what makes the movie so wonderful, the vibe of the certain generation the movie does and the music of that generation. ''American Pop'' is one of the most original and unique animations I've seen and its nothing you'll see today since most animations today are not hand drawn or this lovely and I wish the ''Image Entertainment'' still did wonderful and unique animations like ''American Pop'', I give this movie a four star rating and if you love unique animation and music that ranges around the 60s' and 80s' then this movie is for you.

Bill B (ca) wrote: This is a film I've always heard of as something worth tracking down over the years, but it honestly left me rather cold. I mostly found it overly slow and uninteresting, even though it was apparently popular enough to warrant a sequel.Rental? Maybe?

Irvin C (fr) wrote: I wonder why this movie isn't more popular than it is. It stars John Wayne, it's directed by Howard Hawks, one of the greats and it features an unforgettable score by Henry Mancini which includes the piece "Baby Elephant Walk" which is way more popular than this film. Add to that the fact that it's really a fun, delightful and superbly crafted film. It's about a group of men and women who make their living capturing wild African animals for zoos. Sure, it's vaguely politically incorrect (but a lot of films of this era are, though) and the animal capturing sequences may upset PeTA supporters but it still doesn't change the fact that those sequences are quite impressively shot (because they're REAL, no CGI here!) and just as rousing and exciting (and in many cases even MORE exciting) than any modern era action sequences. Oh, and it's also really, really funny! It's very light and breezy and more character than plot-driven. It's something that they hardly make any more. It's a wonderful, wonderful film. I like "Baby Elephant Walk" a whole lot more now.

Matt M (jp) wrote: When the teenage sister of a judge is found in the house of an artist, the artist is given a choice by that judge; date her against his wishes until the teenager gets over her infatuation or be sent to prison. Back in the day when the premises could be witty but supported by strong screenplays, this film is a charming romantic comedy that can be genuinely funny a times as well as heart warming. Cary Grant confirms himself as one of the best figures in classic romantic comedies.