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DG j (nl) wrote: The teenager Ebba, has no idea who her real mother is, or where she is. In India, she and her friend Camilla go on a search for Ebba's mother.

Shane J (kr) wrote: wow just awful! when mr sheen turns down the sequel question marks have to be asked. i guess they couldnt afford him? they couldnt afford any decent special effects or actors!!This one revolves around sheens un talked about half brother who uncovers the alien attack along with a reporter (every think why didnt they give ross ex-wife more lines in friends?? you get your answer here!!!). Lots of running about happens and thats your lot!!! Exciting stuff!

Marilee A (it) wrote: Having just seen the Prophecy , Christopher Walken in pure Twisted Splendor, I have to see this

Kjetil H (it) wrote: Sterkt,utrolig sterkt om to brdre som velger forskjellig vei i livet.Stiller de store sprsmlene om hva som driver som mennesker denne.Saen Penn er en konge bak kamera oxo!!!Vidunderlig og skremmende!!

Shawn W (es) wrote: Solid follow where the puppets resurrect Andre Toulon after 50 years as they are growing weak. The puppets kill a group from the US Board of Paranormal Study who are at the Bodega Bay studying the events that left Mr. Whitaker in an insane asylum.

Adi B (nl) wrote: I can't believe I didn't like this movie, but I think at least 50% of it being terrible is due to the fact that it aged badly.

Jenna I (ru) wrote: This movie is beautiful to look at- and I don't just mean Grant and Kelly- but it's really lacking in charm or intrigue. It's beautifully framed and shot throughout, pretty much every shot could be a still. The costumes and memorable and beautiful, from The Cat's striped shirt to Frances' golden ball gown. But unfortunately you never really get enough sense of The Cat's reform or character to feel the threat of the police closing in on him. And while Frances seems mysterious and intriguing at first, she's just revealed to be the bratty rich girl with no substance, despite previous cinematic hints otherwise. All twists just feel like copouts by the end, which is unfortunate because the talent is there... but it just doesn't really deliver.