Diário de um Exorcista - Zero

Diário de um Exorcista - Zero

When a mysterious tragedy traumatizes his family, the young Lucas Vidal wakes up to a challenging mission of fighting against the biggest enemy of God and of mankind: The Devil himself. The...

Lucas devotes his life to church work after a tragedy. When an exorcism case gets out of control, he has to figure out who is under the Devil's influence. The story (based in true facts) of Father Lucas Vidal, one of Latin America's most experienced exorcists, is told in its scariest details. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam T (jp) wrote: One example of when the mocumentary isn't played for laughs but is still successful. Sad and beautiful. And an awesome soundtrack.

Paul B (it) wrote: The main characters are wonderfully played, Annette Benning, Kevin Costner and the fantastic Robert Duvall all hit their sweet spot. I could watch Robert Duvall reading a book. It makes a great change for a Western when you actually care about the characters., and the whole money isn't just about violence.On the minus side only a couple of minor points. As with all Costner directed films, it is, perhaps, a touch on the long side. I often wonder whether he would benefit from having a stricter Editor. Still worth the buttock cramos.Also Michael Gambons' "Irish" accent did wander around a bit, but a small price to pay for a very watchable performance.

Richard A (es) wrote: Not much social commentary expressed by parts 1 and two, but if you can sit through Charles Bronson taking on a riot by himself, then you'll enjoy!

Timothy S (de) wrote: A lot of science fiction films are either too scientific to be any fun or are entertaining but the science aspect is skeptical at best. "Dreamscape" is the rare exception that manages to find a nice balance between the two; the science is plausible but the film is also fast-paced and enjoyable as well.Joseph Ruben is a skilled director, and he keeps the film moving, and the screenplay is smart as well. Writer David Loughery has a lot going on here, different genres colliding together in what could have become a mess of a movie, but the whole thing works surprisingly well. Dennis Quaid is perfect in the lead role, good looking but smart as well, a hero without being overly heroic. He draws you into the story and makes the whole thing believable and accessible. The special effects, while cutting edge upon the film's initial release, seem a bit dated now but in my eyes are still more convincing than the CGI that plagues most movies these days. The stop motion Snake Man would have made Ray Harryhausen proud.The dream sequences are impressive regardless of the film's age, and I wish there had been more of them. There are several notable similarities to this and another of the year's big dream-like release "A Nightmare on Elm Street", including the moment when bad guy David Patrick Kelly sprouts knives from his hand a la Freddy Krueger. This film made it to theaters a full three months before the Wes Craven future classic."Dreamscape" is a splendid science fiction film with a lot of novel, clever ideas. It's deserving of a wider audience to appreciate all it has to offer.

Nathan S (au) wrote: Though not as satisfying as Capras other films, if you can put it in the context of the period, it's worth seeing for the special effects alone.

Kristen P (gb) wrote: If you like action/adventure you'll probably appreciate this. I found it overrated for all the hype and the cast.

Kris F (es) wrote: I loved this movie! Not only is it another historical story of a European country's struggle and survival, but a story of forgiveness and choice; "we are not here by coincidence". I highly recommend for those who enjoy a film of substance.