Diary of a Butterfly

Diary of a Butterfly

A woman's journey at a Fashion house.

A woman's journey at a Fashion house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Diary of a Butterfly torrent reviews

Michael J (mx) wrote: Please gives us a warning next time a decent movie is suddenly going to become a "Brokeback Mountain" for ex cons....RUINED.

Alexandre I (fr) wrote: *Avec ta grosse bite !* (pardon aux familles tout a)Trs drle, a fait plaisir de voir des films qui osent encore faire rire avec des sujets tel que le racisme (ds les deux sens). Ebou (C) et N'Gijol, d (C)faut d'tre de grands acteurs, font qd mme bien marrer !

Steven C (gb) wrote: Meh. Nothing I didn't already know reallt

Sarah W (ru) wrote: Clever thriller. But very French. So unlike the American clutch-your-armrest and gasp genre, it's more a head game with slower pacing, less action and a more nuanced plot. Me likeee.

Alex W (ca) wrote: first off the songs were surprisingly good, it was so very unique and definitely what something i hadn't seen before. John Mitchell is one of the better looking transvestites out there. Instead of most musicals where a song is worked into a scene they just show the bad preforming it which was different. The comparisons to rocky horror are obvious but this movie is way better.

Betsy B (br) wrote: There's a great descriptive, "Much mayhem ensues." Now I just have to see this movie.

Dale K (jp) wrote: Beautiful movie. Highly recommend it

Mike C (kr) wrote: I'm a huge fan of Creepshow and of the short story format. Its stories are comparable to those of the Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, etc. If you like those, you will like these.

Daniel N (de) wrote: Not as bad as I thought but still pretty bad:)

Ben M (us) wrote: Full of cussing but great actors and faithful adaptation

Matt G (es) wrote: Full disclosure: I watched this SUPER late, was getting very sleepy, and very much felt like this could've been shorter (cut down on extended nothing shots, people staring at each other). Still, as possibly the most intensely difficult mafia movie I've ever seen, it's also among the most beautiful. The poetic cinematography, the lavish yet tasteful set design, the stunning violence, the insane makeup. An epic gangster film (like a less-fun "Goodfellas") about how NOT to treat our brokenness.

Siri B (mx) wrote: Funny and silly classic 80s action flick, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Popcorn with melted butter necessary. And large sodas, watered out by large quantities of unwanted ice.