Días contados

Días contados

A member of the ETA terrorist organization belongs to a commando which is preparing an outrage in Madrid. But he sets other priorities when he meets a girl who is addicted to drugs and for ...

A member of the ETA terrorist organization belongs to a commando which is preparing an outrage in Madrid. But he sets other priorities when he meets a girl who is addicted to drugs and for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayne R (au) wrote: Loved this movie. Scott Adkins is terrific and is a great actor and martial artist. Please make some sequels!!

Travis G (br) wrote: This movie was very well made, but it has been made many times before. A coming of age, whole future is ahead of you story with emphasis on the main character going through an existential crisis. SPOILERS. The solution offered to kids who may feel the same way is: just get the girl of your dreams to fall in love with you.

Janean M (jp) wrote: My girls and I watched this movie and we LOVED it!!! Really...very worth a Redbox or library checkout.

Lupus D (fr) wrote: If they took off their clothes, maybe. Completely forgettable.

Art L (ag) wrote: Mabel is funny. Besides that, yawn.

Claire M (us) wrote: Not gonna lie I love this movie. I find it so cute and so fun for younger people. I love that two of my favorite people were involved in this movie (John and Miley). So cute

Ashwini G (nl) wrote: India's 'Clockwork Orange', a very nihilistic movie that walks into surreal territories .

David J (fr) wrote: "Bowfinger" is a delightful screwball comedy where the laughs are delivered from self-awareness and wit. However, with a very thin plot and it's overall lack of unique characters and subplots, like most comedies, "Bowfinger" is a temporary experience that likely won't stay with you.

Bryan K (kr) wrote: Honestly, unless one lives in Europe it's hard to truly relate to this film. The biggest flaw here is that it takes the film 30-45 minutes to introduce all of the characters and side-plots, which makes it difficult to grasp until later in the going. The ending is also very abrupt and underdeveloped.

Niina D (jp) wrote: As far as action films go, this is pretty rad.

Dusty L (br) wrote: 85% on my Tomatometer.

Al M (ag) wrote: Lifeforce is a delightful alien invasion/body horror film from Tobe (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist) Hooper The film goes on longer than it can sustain--it's actually 1 hr 56 min despite the above listed running time. Apart from that, it is a delightfully original, creepy, erotic, and bizarre piece of science fiction-horror cinema that blends Mario Bava's Planet of the Vampires, Ridley Scott's Alien (inspired by Bava's film), and Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers together into a wonderful new gestalt. Guest appearances,an unrepentant use of nudity, and loads of gore blend together with an inspired aesthetic and delightfully apocalyptic vibe to make Lifeforce an unforgettable film that further attests to Hooper's talent.

Wayne B (it) wrote: I think this is one of the best b/w carry on's from the start of this classic comedy series.Unusual for a carry on movie there is no Kenneth Williams but to be honest you don't really miss him as the cracking script rattles along at a fair pace and Sid James,Charles Hawtry and the other Kenneth..Conner in this case provide much comedy moments and all in all it's an enjoyable romp from start to finish.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Routine Audie Murphy western, more about his star persona than the story as it isn't exhilarating stuff.

Kiel C (kr) wrote: It's good but I never liked the final 30 minutes. The sequel is better. Pretend they solved the murder with the shootout at the pimps house then move on to the next film.

Pongsatorn S (nl) wrote: Pawn Sacrifice is just okay, even though Tobey Maguire does a great job. But there are a lot of defects. 1. Some characters do not get the chance to be, like Donna. She only comes in the first 20-40 minutes of the movie. (Spoiler) Then come again at the end. Or Bobby's older sister Joan, she just comes in the second half of the story. Both of them should have a longer time on screen. 2. The relationship between Bobby and Father Bill is arid. So unbelievable that they have known each other for a long time. 3. The action of some characters. Isn't reasonable. 4. Why bring the life of a chess player to tell a movie theater. It can be made into a documentary or a TV movie which is much better. 5. Writing seems to be very defective. Because it can not bring many scenes to be in its right place. Zwick should learn these things and then continue to improve on the next movie.