Días enteros bajo las piedras

Días enteros bajo las piedras


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Días enteros bajo las piedras torrent reviews

Jacob D (br) wrote: Great movie with beautiful animation and a lot of heart.

Rodney E (es) wrote: You know what other kinds of movies I like? The ones where an alien or monster takes over different people's bodies. That always works for me for the most part. Here you've got Michael Nouri and a pre- Dale Cooper but post Blue Velvet Kyle Machlachlan hunting down an alien running amok in different bodies. A nice enjoyable sci-fi romp.

Kim R (mx) wrote: Saturday afternoon, nothing else on to watch type of movie...it sucked unless you like movies where people get tortured and run around in abandoned buildings with guns for an hour.

Rene V (kr) wrote: The Rolling Stones+Martin Scorsese. What's not to love?

Paul D (ru) wrote: The first couple of minutes tells you all you need to know about the style and form of this film. It's clearly a rom-com but there's little romance and a crass definition of comedy.

Tim M (es) wrote: Supposedly Ninja Scroll is better, but I liked this. Imaginative story about the supernatural, full of gruesome violence.

Graham W (nl) wrote: Undoubtedly a heavyweight classic, but for me it loses it about two-thirds of the way through. And I never did like that ending.

Eric A (ag) wrote: Wow. One of my new favorite movies.

Ahmed J (de) wrote: It's great to look back at the different ways one can mindfuck themselves

D R (es) wrote: the movie good keep watching it bck by bck you'll c wat da problem really is, but I kno wat u did last summer make sense bck da man seek revenge, dis movie dont add up to it

Aaron P (ag) wrote: Dialogue is forced, plot was uninteresting and lacking of a climax. The characters were cliche' and most of them sounded like they were reading off of cue cards. I would like a refund of the $1.50 I spent to rent this.

Collin P (it) wrote: This is a good Underworld. I think it has the best acting and best story. It had to though because this had to have lots of emotion in it to be good.

Don S (ru) wrote: While I am a huge Bruce Willis fan, I've never cared for Billy Bob Thornton. I usually like caper movies too. Not this one. Willis' character is too smarmy, Thornton's too whiny, and Blanchett's too totally unbelievable. I was rooting for the police. The entire scenario of the robberies is too quaint, and had it been a one time thing it might have worked. Over time, it grew tired for me and stretched credibility.

Marj D (it) wrote: Ninja cheerleaders? George Takei? WTF?