Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy

Detective Tracy (Morgan Conway) rescues Tess Trueheart (Anne Jeffreys) and Junior from a killer called Splitface (Mike Mazurki).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:61 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Dick is faced with a series of brutal murders in which the victims, all from different social and economic backgrounds, are viciously slashed to pieces. Suspects abound but Tracy, getting a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dick Tracy torrent reviews

Nick K (jp) wrote: The idea of the story is okay, but the way it is told is dreadful. Characters do things for little to no reason and are ignorant just so the story can be immediately altered on the spot without any ease. As you watch it, you're going to question why things are happening and what the characters were even thinking all the way through. This movie was almost unbearable to watch.

Allen G (au) wrote: A quirky, fun, and thrilling telling of a, well... a quirky, fun, and thrilling stunt. 'man on Wire' is just as cool as it looks. Petit is a funny and charismatic man, which is especially important given how dependent this film is on him telling his own story. The format is simple- take those involved and interview them about the events, all the while showing re-enactments of the stories and actual video footage when relevant. This is playing it safe but only, and ONLY, if the story has enough going for it. That's the difference between a decent film and a great one when you follow a structure like that. Unsurprisingly, sneaking into the twin towers and walking across them on a tightrope- that's, um, a pretty brilliant story. All of Petit's passion and drive comes through and fits so perfectly with his stunt that the film just has a wholeness to it- it informs and inspires. It makes you think but it doesn't leave you questioning. You just get it- you feel what Petit is experiencing, even if you haven't experienced it yourself. Sure, watching this isn't actually going to feel like you're only one step away from guaranteed death (thankfully!?) but it's still good, okay!?Everything this film represents is a perfect tribute to the towers that once stood. That's not what this one is about though- it's about re-living a moment with those who were there and, boy, what a moment it was.

(de) wrote: being half Japanese I am so unbiased when it comes to rating movies from a place I was born. Japan seriously needs to get some better acting schools.

Jerry F (jp) wrote: Jason Stratham's atempt to be Bruce Lee, or James Bond, may appeal to children in the age range 10 to 12. This film is only worth seeing for the Florida backdrop & one sexy girl !

Matt K (de) wrote: Really uneven but strangely compelling.

Christine S (kr) wrote: Very pleasant surprise. And the lead actor is quite easy on the eyes! Yummy sexy film!

Hannah K (es) wrote: Their most adventurous movie.

Jamine g (ca) wrote: I really love this movie. Tyrese and Tariji P. Henson was a perfect fit for this film. :)

Mara A (es) wrote: I don't want to see it: I'm too in love with the original.

Juan Diego L (ca) wrote: Muy aburrida, hay muchas cosas que no tienen sentido, y tiene muchas cosas, en lugar de enfocarse en algo concreto, el dilogo es malo, y el villano me parece un chiste.

Sherief Z (br) wrote: Paul Schrader was doing his best.