Did Somebody Laugh?

Did Somebody Laugh?

The late 1930s. A young enemployed, unskilled worker walks through the streets of Copenhagen, sustaining himself partly on the dole and free soup-kitchen meals and partly on day-dreams. He spends time at a cemetry studying headstone inscriptions. Mild-mannered and of poetic bent, he understands little of an intellectual friend's advice and shies away from the love of a woman who shares her bed with him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Did Somebody Laugh? torrent reviews

Louis P (ru) wrote: I search for this movie and it freezes my tablet, wtf?

Andrei M (ca) wrote: cute :))... liked the ending face =))

Countess N (gb) wrote: Recommended by NickCoalNoir.

joseph e (ru) wrote: this movie is sad creepy and hilarious it is one of my favorites

Gregory M (au) wrote: Quite funny,quite fun,and also quite important.Never base your beliefs on peoples appearances!Great movie,I enjoyed it tremendously.Some cliches of the genre were featured,but in the most repsectful way.

James M (us) wrote: This is probably my favourite film of all time. Performances, script, direction are perfect. Gut-wrenching and beautiful. The ultimate cinema experience.

Robert M (mx) wrote: This one is good but not as grand as the 1st two. Then again its not the worst one either (that being House Party 4).

Carole T (es) wrote: There's no denying the craftsmanship that went into the puppets and Bowie is superb as the Goblin King, but it hasn't stood the test of time at all and seems really naff now.

Daniel S (au) wrote: Pretty unsettling look at a tragic event in the 80s, Fosse does a great job creating the sense of unease, and hes helped by a great performance by Eric Roberts, oscar worthy imo, a shame he never got more high profile roles, his paul is always trying to get ahead, always willing to do anything to get success, but never quite getting there, at least until dorothy comes along, but soon she comes not to need him and tragedy strikes, both hemingway and cliff robertson are good as well, but its roberts who steals the show, i know fosse was primarily a choreographer/musician but this showed he had great skill in film too, very effective 80s synthesizer score too, i know its not 100% factual, but what i think is fosse saw the potential in the real case to make a tragic movie, and it never claims to be a documentary account of the events either, it clearly says it's inspired, def worth checking out

Shirley M (ru) wrote: Saw it before and really love his movies

Michael D (fr) wrote: exquisite spectacle: the costumes, the sets, marlene... and fascinating plot, as well.

John A (mx) wrote: A strong, visual entry from Sjostrom. The way that light regularly breaks in from the top of the frame, while darkness creeps in from the sides gives the film a rich atmosphere consistent with the main character's struggle for his soul. The film does feel a bit repetitive by the end as it traces the depths to which Bill sinks, but the special effects and compelling narrative with the strong visual style make this a solid, entertaining film.

Tyler A (es) wrote: typical Christmas comedy funny though and worth a watch

James H (mx) wrote: What an amazing film. Filled with remarkable performances from the entire cast. Excellent throughout, great screenplay and direction, superb cinematography. Very memorable.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Gans deserves praise for investing in the movie's atmosphere with an evocative cinematography and several stunning sets that look incredibly disturbing and creepy as hell - but even so, some of the scenes are way too uncomfortably graphic and the CGI creatures look atrocious.

Henry M (us) wrote: Simply hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I saw this movie and to this day some of the scenes and one-liners still get me. The story is somewhat unique in some aspects giving the rest of the film a sense of freshness in an otherwise saturated area of coming-of-age comedies. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera really seem to feed off each other's energy and the result is comedic gold.

Claudia R (gb) wrote: A tense, action movie about a lot of corrupt people who are all connected thru the same bank. Very entertaining.

Mike B (de) wrote: Lane's charm saves a totally average film. Decent, not great.

Gareth B (jp) wrote: Unstoppable? This film is anything but! For starters, it's about 96 minutes too long. It really is dreadful: bad acting, unrealistic plot and quite simply not enough action. Showed promise early on at the diner but from that point on it was painful to watch. No features on my DVD. I'm guessing this didn't even hit the cinema. A poor TV movie? One to avoid. Snipes can do so much better.