Six people, each of them is on the road to self-destruction. They wake up in cells in a surreal facility, without knowing how they got there or why.

Lisa, a gambler who lives for the cards. Robert, a millionaire philanthropist, Mark (Elias Kostas), a cop reaching the end of a gruesome career. Zach, a brilliant psychiatrist. Melody, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Die torrent reviews

Carlos D (fr) wrote: funny,entertaining and informative.

Michael K (br) wrote: A nice movie. Feels like it was made for TV.

Declan M (jp) wrote: I honestly find this 100% hilarious and always did, even before the internet turned it into a meme.

Lisa O (nl) wrote: this is where i first discovered the awesome actor known as jeremy sisto. he is amazing!

Angel D (ca) wrote: I've seen this movie many many times and I don't get tired of it, if you really want it, go get it..

Andrew S (mx) wrote: quite important yet doesn't have the clearest thesis. though the effect is demonstrated much more clearly than an inconvenient truth which has a similar theme.

Nicole P (fr) wrote: Great movie and a great cast.

The Critic (fr) wrote: This follow-up to 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure' (1985) might be less satisfying, but still has a sense of uncomplicated fun about it.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 57%The only pull for me was a smoking hot Madonna. Patton always plays a good awkward, creepy guy.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Brooke Sheilds marks her film debut here

Allan C (de) wrote: Though I believe this film does have it's fan who love it without irony, this blaxploitation classic is one that is so terribly written, directed, acted and just about every other filmmaking element you can think of, it reaches near Ed Wood proportions of so-bad-it's-good. If you ever listen to star Rudy Ray Moore talk about this film, he made this film with complete seriousness, which is what makes this revenge tale of Dolemite being released early from prison to take down the rival pimp who put him away. Lucky for Dolemite his madame has had all his girls, in his absence, trained in karate, so Dolemite is aided my an army of female kun-fu fighters. He also get some of the worst 70s fashion imaginable. The acting is so wonderfully awful and is made even more hilarious by absurd dialogue that features a profanity in just about every third or fourth word. Oh, and you also have Rudy Ray Moore doing his "rapping," which feels as if it domes out of nowhere and from a completely different film. Overall, this film is a zero-star film, but I certainly got at least three-stars worth of entertainment out of it.

stuart m (ag) wrote: great movie and should be on dvd-bluray

Chelsea Scarlet S (nl) wrote: one of the best horror films out there

George R (jp) wrote: Solid monster flick. No complaints.

Ben T (us) wrote: Somewhat fun spy spoof.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Max Payne is a really bad video game adaptation movie that is usual for any video game adaptation. I haven't played the game, so I'm just going by the quality of the film itself. While the performances from Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are great, and the actions are really good, the plot is awful. I seen this before, and it's a bit similar to the Hitman movie which I was surprised and was shaking my head. It's too predictable, it makes no sense, and it's like it's trying to be something to be standing out when in reality, it's just as generic as any other action movie, except for the demon creatures which would've been interesting if they were not pointless to the story. While the main character seem to be developed the most, the rest of the characters were not and some of them were just there to die. It wasn't interesting and just didn't care about it. Some of the actors who are well known are underused, and the writing is bad, sometimes hilariously bad. Even though I haven't played the games, I know a bit about them, especially the "bullet time" which in the action scenes here, they barely done that, and it was a wasted opportunity as I wanted more of it. Max Payne is a waste of time that I was surprised that Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Chris O' Donnell, Beau Bridges, and Ludacris are even in this.

Brian S (gb) wrote: Phone Booth will always be one of the greatest suspense thrillers that I'll have ever seen. And it's one of those movies where the best character in the movie is actually the maniac, with a perfect chilling voice performed by the great Kiefer Sutherland. It's in general a very captivating, suspenseful and very bone chilling movie. Recommended !!

Justin T (au) wrote: A solid horror/slasher flick. Well acted and somewhat good story.