Die Bergkatze

Die Bergkatze

A charismatic lieutenant newly assigned to a remote fort is captured by a group of mountain bandits, thus setting in motion a madcap farce that is Lubitsch at his most unrestrained. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shiela W (es) wrote: awesome movie I loved it

Christopher K (ca) wrote: Good movie. I could easily watch this again.

Erin W (fr) wrote: I love Clive Owen. This is a British dramady thing, and even Chris liked it.

Pheasant W (nl) wrote: I was really glad to see a movie dealing with the abortion issue. However, Lauren Dern's stupid character was so irritating to watch. What a dipshit. Already had 4 kids she didn't care about and huffed fumes. Jesus christ, makes me support sterilization even more. Intersting, but just too damn annoying.

Brian C (gb) wrote: Quite fun story of an ancient Aztec deity flying over the streets of New York City killing people. There is lots to love about this movie...Michael Moriarty's magnificent performance as the sleazy small time crook Quinn being the top of the list.I find it odd that in a city of about 10 million people only one knew where its nest was. Despite the fact that the quetzlcoatl was huge and had been sighted by many people, that none saw it go to its nest in the Chrysler Building (one of the most popular tourist places in the city).Aside from that, this is good fun. The stop-motion animation of the creature was very hit and miss, but the story really shines through its dialog and Moriarty's perormance

Tim S (us) wrote: Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell is a somewhat competent TV movie about a dog being possessed by a demon and causing the family that it lives with to perform satanic rituals in the attic. It also kills anyone who gets in its way, and the father, who's unaffected by the demon's power, is next on its list if he doesn't do something about it. The movie stars Richard Crenna, Yvette Mimieux, Kim Richards, Ike Eissenmann and R.G. Armstrong, is a bore most of the time, but does have some good dramatic moments. There's also some unintentional comedic moments in there to be found, as well. The effect of the devil dog is hilariously awful and worth seeing the movie for, in my opinion. Everyone does a pretty good job with the material, I suppose, but it just didn't seem all that great, overall. Perhaps if it hadn't been a TV movie, the pace of it might have made it a little more edgy. It's not a bad movie, just not an overtly interesting one.

Jackie M (it) wrote: Such a horribly made film that it actually makes "crappy cinema" an art form. I love the canned screams and the fact that the narrator is talking about the effects of drugs at the end, then chokes on his cigarette for a couple minutes. See it for its ability to entertain and boggle your mind. How bad can bad get??

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: So be it, settle the score...released four months before Pearl Harbor.

Elijah P (ru) wrote: I wish it was better

Nilufer R (fr) wrote: I only watched this movie for Jennifer Garner's sake and I shed a few tears I'd have to admit but I'm not into religion and I didn't like the Christianity propaganda of it. I'm glad they are doing good now though.