Die Berührte

Doctors say that Veronika, a woman in her 20s, is schizophrenic. She is compliant, which makes her an easy target for men. She's religious, believing she is God's favorite child; she ...

. . She's religious, believing she is God's favorite child; she . She is compliant, which makes her an easy target for men. Doctors say that Veronika, a woman in her 20s, is schizophrenic

Die Berührte is a great movie of Rita G. (texts), Helma Sanders-Brahms. This movie was introduced in 1981. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Elisabeth Stepanek, Nguyen Chi Danh, Karl Heinz Reimann, Jorge Reis, Carola Regnier, Abdel Wahed Askar, Curt Curtini, Erika Dannhoff, Günther Ehlert, Hasan Hasan, Harald Hoedt, Erich Koltschack, Irmgard Mellinger, Nabil Reiroumi, George Stamkoski. There are many categories, such as Drama. This movie was rated by 5.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Alexander C (it)

ill find and devour with my eyes!. Could be worth watching

Charles P (kr)

That about sums it up I think. She didn't like being raped, but, after the fact, thought it was okay. I especially like the stripper who talks about getting raped and wants a boob job. Just like, you know, life, and stuff. Oh yeah, this film is funny and boring at the same time. Maybe I could try and talk like him? That might help my self esteem. This is a disappointment. Even now that's he's really old, he probably still looks better than me. I'll never ever look as good as Joe Dallesandro

Chris B (br)

Don Cheadle steals the show and gives one of his best performance's ever. A very heartfelt movie about a terrible event that went down in Rwanda

Daniel D (ag)

. . Filme excelente para quem conhece a histria de Pablo Escobar, recomendo assistir Narcos antes do filme. . . Um jovem rapaz se apaixona pela sobrinha de Pablo Escobar e acaba se mudando para a casa dele e aps algum tempo engajado em uma misso na qual deve esconder o dinheiro do trfico, porm depois de esconder o dinheiro ser morto

Deanna B (ca)

Definitely was surprised. Totally put this on just to have something on in the background and really got sucked into it

Heba M (de)

has some pretty funny moments, but overall it was just eh

Ian M (us)

One of the more disappointing gialli I've seen

John D (jp)

Personally, I want my Elvis movies to be completely inane. Let's just say that it doesn't work at all. The main problem is that the film makers try to inject some 'serious/mature/adult/realistic' elements-- a few four-letter words, more overt sexual references-- into the standard Elvis formula of childish pratfalls, cardboard characters, absurd plots, and overall genial silliness. The female lead is supposed to be kooky and fun but in reality is just extremely annoying. Pretty awful, even by Elvis movie standards

Luis Diego R (gb)

A must see. I still have to watch Apur Sansar (the third part) but I have really high expectations. If you really want to know about India's life don't go directly to Slumdog Millionaire, and look for this amazing movies. The cast makes a great performance, specially Karuna Bannerjee as Apu's mother. The second part of the Apu trilogy is even more depressing and touching than Pather Panchali, though I enjoyed Aparajito the most. Stunning piece of art from the masterful hands of Satyajit Ray

Ola G (ca)

"Seraphim Falls" is an average western in my book and nothing more. This is of course something a bit more "different" within the genre, but at the same time it doesnt balance over the film to becoming a great western. Fair (Lucifer) and a scorching desert obviously representing Purgatory, where according to Catholic tradition, sins are burned away. The encounters between the characters becomes more and more surreal during the running time and in the end we enter something more supernatural and metaphorical with Anjelica Huston's character Louise C. Maybe its because both of them feels a bit "done" on the screen today and that colours my judgment. Two brits trying to portray protagonists from the Civil War feels somewhat so so in my book. The pursuit goes throughout the whole film and to be honest neither Brosnan nor Neeson impress that much in their respective roles if you ask me. But, the cinematography has several treats for the eyes. Being a revenge story, but not maybe not as straightforward as the "The Outlaw Josey Wales", the pace is very on and off in my opinion. The storyline carries some resemblances (and I reckon a homage) to Clint Eastwoods classic "The Outlaw Josey Wales". "When "Seraphim Falls" came out in 2006 I did like it as far as I remember, but I must say that when re-seeing it in 2017 I see more flaws compared to what I saw back then. " Author Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out commented that the film "has all the good looks of its wintry Oregon locales, not to mention the equally craggy faces of Liam Neeson and a grizzled-up Pierce Brosnan, embroiled in a Fugitive-like pursuit with the latter on the run. " Kevin Crust of the Los Angeles Times gave the film a somewhat mixed rating calling it "A beautifully shot chase film by writer-director David Von Ancken and co-writer Abby Everett Jaques, it moves along with minimalist efficiency" but overall admitting it ran out of "gas during an overlong allegorical final section. " Critic Josh Rosenblatt, writing for The Austin Chronicle viewed Seraphim Falls as "Meditative, beautifully shot, and blessed with a healthy dose of cynicism" and a "morality play without the morality and a Western Purgatorio that, in the end, demands its protagonists resign themselves to their loneliness and brutality and avail themselves of the redemptive power of sheer exhaustion. " He also expressed his satisfaction with the visual attributes of the picture by saying "Its strongest element is the austere majesty of the cinematography by John Toll ("Braveheart," "Legends of the Fall," "The Thin Red Line"), in which the severe beauty of the Western landscape looms over the characters as a silent rebuke. This scene is enough to give you vicarious hypothermia. " Stephen Holden writing in The New York Times applauded some of the realism displayed in the film, commenting, "Nothing in the rest of the film comes close to matching the impact of Gideon's carving the bullet from his arm with his hunting knife, then cauterizing the wound while emitting agonizing howls. " She remarked that the storyline was an "elaborate and relentless chase that takes those involved into primal psychological terrain. Claudia Puig writing for USA Today offered an almost entirely positive review recalling how she thought the film was a "psychological drama with an intriguing ambiguity that challenges the viewer's loyalties and preconceived notions. The film however, was not without its supporters. " He did however reserve praise for the cinematography noting, "Its physical beauty notwithstanding - Toll's work, which emphasizes the blues and greens of the forests, is always a pleasure to behold". for this very physical but familiar oater. O. Todd McCarthy of the Variety staff believed the film was "nothing rousing or new" and that Brosnan along with Neeson wouldn't be enough "to muster more than modest theatrical B. " She ultimately found the film to be "technically solid" but a "dramatically unremarkable Western". But as an anti-war statement, a call to lay down arms that's clearly intended to be relevant today, it's a bit too clunky in its literalism. In a mixed review, Christy Lemire writing in the Deseret News mused about the lead characters, stating, "Their climactic confrontation is visually arresting in its starkness. . . What is the reason for the hunt, what connects Gideon and Carver and happened at Seraphim Falls?. Colonel Morsman Carver (Liam Neeson), a former Confederate officer, is accompanied by Pope (Robert Baker), Hayes (Michael Wincott), Parsons (Ed Lauter) and the Kid (John Robinson); who are all engaged in a bounty operation to apprehend him. His attackers emerge from their cover to inspect his campsite. He grabs what he can and races down the mountain. Suddenly, gunshots ring out with one striking his left arm. In 1868, within the Ruby Mountains, Gideon (Pierce Brosnan) roasts hare over an open fire